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Updated 11/8/2017: We have a new article about Troy here: Get A Bro A Job: Troy McQuagge Talks Up The Ever Expanding Healthcare Field

A life account of Troy McQuagge is a success story. Troy was born and raised in the Panama City, Florida in the United States of America. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Central Florida and graduated in 1983 with a B.A degree. Just like any other man, after school, Troy naturally had the optimism of securing a job and advancing up the ladder financially and career-wise. As fate would have it, the same year 1983 he secured a position at Allstate insurance company. By the year 1995, he had joined the student department of the United Insurance Companies (UICI) following his success in his earlier position. His excellent style of leadership and performance did not stop, and therefore two years later in 1997, he was named the president of the United Insurance Company’s Agency, UGA. As was his usual trend, even at this level he executed his duties so diligently that he was able to supersede the expectations of his bosses by setting several single-year sales records.

Troy McQuagge

It is imperative to note that Troy McQuagge worked for the UICI Company since 1997 until private equity investors purchased it in 2006. Having such a diverse experience at the helm of the company’s sales department, he was retained by the private investors. He was later to be tasked with the responsibility of being the manager of all sales of the company and overseeing the smooth development of marketing efforts and strategies of the newly-named company which went by the name Health Markets Group, (HM). After impressing the new bosses, they decided to make him the president of the company a year later. This kind gesture of appointment made him believe that the firm owners highly trusted him and therefore a lot was expected from in him concerning overall performance index. Fortunately, he did not disappoint the owners since he managed to turn things around concerning the overall profitability and recognition of the company.

During his reign as the president of the Health Markets, he exceeded $ 1 billion in yearly premium sales volumes. This financial muscle enabled the insurance agency to become an award-winning organization bagging the Sales Organization of the Year prize, by Selling Power Magazine and Stevie Awards. He remained at the helm of the company’s affairs until July 2010 when he joined the USHEALTH Group, Inc. in this new business Troy was the president and chief executive officer. By the year 2013, he had been elected as the company’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer. However, this did not mark the end of his promotions since by the following year 2014 he was again promoted to become the president and CEO of USHEALTH Group. Since that time, he has remained in the company serving in the same capacity with Freedom Life Insurance Company of America as well as other affiliates of USHEALTH Group. Noticeably, since 2011 Troy has led the organization to hit the highest ever level of sales trajectory as well as a record high of profits for four consecutive years. Consequently, today USHEALTH Group boasts as a huge company that has grown ten times larger in all its aspects of operation for the seven years he has worked for them. Additionally, its share price has been increased to 1093% since the year 2010 thanks to the unrestrained efforts of Troy McQuagge.

Troy and the industrial experience

Since 1983 Troy’s has always been revolving around the financial sector of the American economy. Having worked in several companies as mentioned above, it is crucial to understand that he possesses 34 years’ experience in the health insurance, sales, marketing, management and leadership aspects. So far he has managed to establish two large insurance agencies in the United States with more than 5000 dedicated agents. At UICI/HM he raised sales revenue from $250 million to $ 1 billion by 2004, and also raised the share price from a mere $2 to $55 per share. Therefore regarding expertise, his career has a broad spectrum of skills ranging from executive leadership, strategic planning, product designing and business development.

The award-winning for Troy

Troy Winning CEO of the Year

In the US landscape, people who perform in an exemplary manner cannot go unrewarded. Concerning the awards that Troy has bagged some are his achievements and others are associated with his contribution to the collective success of the companies he has represented. Therefore, to begin with, Troy McQuagge has on several occasions been recognized by various centers of excellence regarding his actions and overall performances. CEO World Awards recognized Troy as the gold award winner of the most innovative CEO in matters of insurance while at the USHEALTH Group. This particular award is prestigious of its kind since it encompasses the world’s best leadership, innovation, organizational performance, new products and services and corporate social responsibilities. By bagging this award, it means he emerged top among all those who submitted their nominations from all private and public sectors of world economies. Furthermore, his 2016 awards include CEO of the year from One Planet Awards in which case OPA acknowledged his hard work and commitment while also recognizing how well-planned USHEALTH Group operates. USHEALTH also honored the Silver Stevie Award for the best field sales player of the year. The Sales Growth Achievement of the Year, group of the year award in banking, insurance, and financial accounting are also among the notable prizes he has bagged together with the organization he represents.

Throughout the process of being awarded as mentioned above, he has demonstrated that the people are his business. Similarly, through the personal satisfaction of his customers in insurance coverage issues and development of befitting new products, he has ensured that people can get just want they want. His 34-year experience coupled with his volunteer services in giving back to the community and support of the charity organizations, Troy McQuagge has risen through the ranks to the topmost echelons of power concerning the private sector representation. These achievements, therefore, cannot be underestimated and it is only fair to say that he has a success story worth emulating. Troy is current the president of USHEALTH Group focussing on selling insurance plan to a broad range of people.

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