Men’s Take on Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman has been out for about a week and the consensus is pretty clear. Women across the country are raving that it’s the best movie about a female superhero ever.
We’re here to give a more male perspective.
As much as women nowadays like to think that men at their best are incapable of understanding their problems and at worst cause all of them, the truth is that we love women.

So while feminists may be complaining about the male community and the way it isn’t welcome to comment on female-oriented movies, they have it all wrong. (After all, men and fans of the franchise didn’t hate the new Ghostbusters because it featured a female cast – they hated it because the movie was awful.)
The new Wonder Woman movie is a pretty good movie. It has babes, action, and is surprisingly true to its comic book origins. So much so, in fact, that many feminists have been complaining about the fact that Wonder Woman still ends the movie with a “love is the answer” sort of attitude.
Now, admittedly, this probably isn’t the sort of film that you and your buddies will be buying tickets to en masse or sitting around drinking over once it’s released on BluRay.
It’s more of a gateway movie to introduce women who wouldn’t otherwise watch action movies to the genre. Even so, it captured what feminists failed to capture with the Ghostbusters reboot – an interested male audience.
It’s at least worth a watch by fans of Wonder Woman and movies based on comic franchises. And if you have a woman in your life that you’d like to introduce to some genuinely good flicks, this may be a great way to show her that action movies aren’t the mindless garbage she’s been conditioned to think they are.

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