Mitchell Trubisky Is Here To Stay and Chicago Bear Fans Are Ecstatic


The Chicago Bears are one of the most historic franchises in NFL history. Yet for their clout around the league as a legacy team, Chicago has been notably bereft of talent at the most important position on the field: quarterback. When Jay Cutler, a ten-year veteran who is almost universally panned by the city of Chicago, is your franchise’s greatest QB — there is a problem. Cutler literally re-wrote the record book in Chicago despite gaining a reputation for being a malcontent who statistically turned the ball over as much as anyone in the league. But all of that is in the past. Right now the Windy City is focused on the future and the future is young Mitchell Trubisky who just made his first career NFL start.

The Mitch Trubisky era began in earnest a week after Mike Glennon put on one of the disastrous on-field efforts by a QB in recent memory. Racking up 8 turnovers in just four weeks, Glennon was sent to the pine despite Chicago’s front office promising to let rookie Trubisky learn from the veteran throughout the season. Trubisky came on board with a week of preparation in order to take on the Minnesota Vikings, one of the best defenses in all of the NFL. Expectations were through the roof for Trubisky and it is hard to say exactly how well he fared. Trubisky went 12/25 for 128 yards to go along with a score, an interception, and a fumble.

While Trubisky’s raw stats aren’t impressive and he did indeed look overwhelmed at times during the game, Trubisky showed something that Chicago hasn’t had in almost eight years: promise. Trubisky has already won the lockerroom over. Veteran Pro Bowler Kyle Long says of Trubisky, “He just has a very quiet confidence about him. He knows all the checks. He knows how to calm down a group of fat guys out there that are frantic.” Long’s last comment was largely in jest, but the spirit of it remained true on the field. Trubisky never looked out of sorts. He never looked scared and most importantly he never looked hesitant.

Trubisky took to interviewers immediately after losing to Minnesota by saying, “I felt like the loss was on me, but they know I’m going to go back to work. I’m going to fix my mistakes.” Trubisky is saying the right things and now action must follow for Chicago.


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