The Connection Between Marriage and Heart Health


Cardiovascular disease represents a major threat to the health and wellness of millions of men around the world. Incalculable numbers of men hit the gym every year with the express purpose of reducing the chances of suffering from heart problems. Lack of exercise and a poor diet do deservedly share much blame for cardiovascular disease. Another reason for heart troubles has emerged in the news. While the news reports may treat the revelations as surprising, most men won’t be too shocked to discover marital troubles contribute to heart ailments.

Stress and anxiety do not exactly benefit heart health. “Marital ups and downs” definitely increase an undesirable level of stress and aggravation in the lives of both spouses. Neither spouse’s heart gains any benefit. For men, the possibility exists the effects on the heart can be worse. The study also noted that a positive marital relationship could mitigate against stress. Reductions in stress definitely are helpful to those who wish to maximize heart health.

The study revealed in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health suggest the quality of marriage over time could relate to heart risks in men. All this news is interesting, but other factors do contribute to heart issues. As previously mentioned, diet, exercise, and stress play their own roles. So do hereditary and genetic factors.

Anyone worried about his or her heart health probably should request a checkup with a cardiologist. A physician’s evaluation likely will reveal if anything is wrong. Effective medical treatments for heart ailments could be undertaken if a diagnosis mentions a problem.

None of this is intended to be negative about the study examining heart health and a healthy marriage. Instead, the point being noted is the study should be examined with a healthy dose of realism. While beneficial to mental and physical wellness, a positive marriage only supports good health to a point.

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