Travel Booking Tips for Men


Most of men in America are looking for ways to save some of their hard-earned bucks. If you plan on making the savings even in your travel, then you are reading the right article. A group of researchers from America has compiled a list of the best times that you should travel and book air travel. While you plan your travel arrangements especially a cost-effective holiday plan, there is not one thumb rule that should guide you. For instance, the researchers discovered that those who book their Christmas and Thanksgiving flights very early end up paying excess. The same is true for people who wait for long and make the booking at the end; the cost is the same as those who booked too early. If you’re already confused, don’t worry as there are plenty of guidelines that can help you finalize your travel plans.

How long do you need to wait before you can book?
If you are planning on Thanksgiving travel, you should book the flight around October. However, watch out for Halloween if you want to get the lowest prices. As November sets in, you will realize that fares will begin to rise. This will continue until the end of the month. In the last few days before Thanksgiving, prices can hike by close to $10 daily. This is according to Hopper chief data scientist Patrick Surry. He was involved in the collection of data being referenced in this article.

Mr. Surry says that if you were preparing for the Christmas holiday travel, you are quite late as the first week of October has passed and it’s the best time. However, the expert warns you that you should not fall in the last 10 days bracket. According to the research by the company, they have concluded that the best time to book for Christmas flights is about 83 days before your actual day of departure. If you calculate, you will realize that this falls on the first week of October. During the final weeks of Christmas, prices start to increase by $7 per day.
Why the day matters?
There are suggestions that the day of the week that you make your booking is important. For instance, experts say that most flights are booked on a Tuesday. According to the same experts, the best day to book a flight is on a Friday. However, the Hooper investigation concluded that the day doesn’t matter a lot.

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