Classic Super Bowl Beer and Snacks Face Major Challenges in 2018


Even though the Super Bowl has not lost its status as the quintessential American sports event, the culinary and beverage traditions that surround it are certainly changing, and the changes are having major repercussions on the billionaire industry that the National Football League creates.

The staples of Super Bowl Sunday are still beer, hot wings, chips, guacamole, and pizza; however, the big names behind these mainstays have experienced major business challenges over the last few years. A recent news report published by Reuters explains how the Super Bowl industry is being transformed and what is prompting football fans to switch their preferences.


Agricultural restrictions have impacted imports of avocados and lemons from Mexico, prompting consumers to choose American options at higher prices. As a result of this trend, some football fans may be skipping guacamole altogether this Super Bowl Sunday and switching to other dips made with other produce as well as dairy products such as cheese. In the meantime, American growers of citrus and avocados stand to profit from the agricultural restrictions, which are expected to be lifted later this year.

Pizza Fallout

Papa John’s, the most prominent pizza brand associated with the NFL, has faced difficulties in terms of keeping investors happy after the company decided to participate in the ridiculous debate instigated by U.S. President Donald Trump about professional players who expressed political opinions during the playing of the national anthem prior to games. CEO John Schnatter jumped into the fray only to be forced to step down after shares of Papa John’s took a dive on Wall Street. Analysts believe that football fans will be less interested in this company on Super Bowl Sunday.

Budweiser is No Longer the King of Beers

A brewery industry report published ahead of Super Bowl Sunday indicates that Budweiser is currently ranked fourth on the list of the most popular beers consumed in the United States, and this can probably be explained by the reluctance of Anheuser-Busch InBev to change the formulation and flavor of this brand. Bud Light, a beer that has embraced change, is currently at the top, followed by Coors and Miller Lite. Coming up fast on the heels of Budweiser are a number of Mexican brands such as Corona, Modelo and Dos Equis. There is also a growing trend of consumers trying out craft beers, a market that is too diverse for brewery giants to attempt cornering.

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