Love Game of Thrones? Time to Hit Up This Game of Thrones-Themed Bar in DC!


If you’re a fan of GOT, then you know there’s no shortage of babes, brutality, compelling stories, magic, or great food and drinks in the series. All the action and ale can leave a man thirsty.

Now you can whet your appetite for season 7 at this pop-up bar in Washington, D.C. until August 27th.
This brilliant bar is the joint effort from the same folks who brought us Super Mario and Stranger Things-themed pop-up bar – Ommegang Brewery and Drink Company.

This GOT pop-up bar isn’t just a name, either. Angie Fetherston, CEO of Drink Company, was quoted as saying, “This pub is our love letter to the Seven Kingdoms…” It is a pub for fans, by fans. And you won’t be disappointed.
While it’s worth a trip to the bar even for non-drinking fans of the series just for the expansive decorum – such as The House of Black & White, which has a replica of the Hall of Faces, made up of plaster molds featuring employees, family, and friends. Other great features include the famed Iron Throne, a fire-breathing dragon, a Weirwood tree, and drinking horns.
But no bar would be news-worthy if it didn’t have great drinks. Time, effort, and thought were put into these mind-blowing cocktails, which include:

The Dothraquiri which is a blend of Jamaican and Cotton & Reed Dry white rums, Creme De Cacao, Banane Du Bresil, lime, and can sugar.

Milk Of The Poppy, which consists of Armagnac, Don Ciccio & Ciccio Concerto, dark rum, lime, pineapple, coconut, and clarified milk.

What is Dead May Never Die, which features Green Hat gin, Shrub District celery shrub, Fino sherry, celery bitters, can sugar, and sparkling water.

And finally, The Lannisters Send Their Regards, which is a great blend of vodka, Fino sherry, strawberry, Contratto bitter, lemon, and sparkling water.

If cocktails aren’t your thing – no problem – Ommegang has unleashed the official Game of Thrones beer: Bend the Knee.

This awesomely themed pop-up encourages fans to come in costume, but weapons – toys or otherwise – are strictly forbidden.

You can find this fantastic bar at 1839-1843 7th Street NW in D.C. It’s open 5p -12:30a Mon – Thur, 5p – 1:30a Fri – Sat, and 1p – 7p Sundays. This ensures that the staff can go home and watch the show for themselves!

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