Exercise and Fitness May Be Two Totally Different Creatures


Men hit the gym to exercise in order to improve appearances. In addition to gym time, a lot of men choose to jog regularly or enroll in martial arts classes. The goal is frequently to burn off fat and build muscle, two things older men find difficult as natural testosterone levels drop. Engaging in any type of exercise program for any reason is a good thing. Being too interested in appearances, however, may indicate the wrong focus on a workout plan. Exercising can be lots of fun, but exercise should always be performed with a focus on improving fitness.

Researchers from Queen’s University of Canada, Stanford, and Georgetown recently conducted a study on VO2 Max tests performed on military veterans. In general, the tests examined cardiovascular fitness. The lengthy study revealed that the active persons in the study were not necessarily the healthiest. Being active and possessing good cardiovascular conditioning is not 100% indicative of a healthy person.

Yes, a person with healthy levels of body fat and cardiovascular conditioning has something going for him. What if this person is continually eating foods high in cholesterol? The lean physique may be the result of a low-carb/high-fat diet. With decent exercise, the body may maintain a lean appearance. All that ingested fat, however, could clog the arteries over time.

There is a huge difference between understanding the physical impact of exercise and the overall biological limitations of exercise. Men are on the right track to improving their health by exercising, but exercise won’t make the body invulnerable to health issues.

Not all men realize this and their regular workout programs lead them to being blissfully ignorant about potential health problems. Since they workout a lot, eat “okay”, and look fit, they assume they are in perfect health. That can be a problematic assumption.

Rather than assume anything, it may be wise to find a clear answer. Booking an appointment with a primary care physician for a complete physical and bloodwork might be the best way to find a reliable answer to any questions about health.

Looking good is definitely a nice benefit of exercise. No one would seriously argue against anything that helps with improving appearances. Overall health, however, is more important than looks. An exercise and lifestyle program should probably work towards the ultimate goal of a healthier existence.

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