‘Super Troopers 2’ Officially Out of Post Production!


Can you hear me, meow? Broken Lizard, the production team behind the cult classic comedy ‘Super Troopers’, is finally and officially exiting post production on their highly anticipated sequel: ‘Super Troopers 2’. For years fans have been waiting with bated breath to see a sequel to the 2001 cult classic that made working as a police officer seem like a real joy. The team behind ‘Super Troopers’, Broken Lizard, went to social media in order to see if it were possible to fund and get this sequel made. As it turns out, people really wanted a sequel. A successful Kickstarter campaign led to funding which led to shooting which leads to now. A complete film.

The team at Broken Lizard have filled a niche in the film making world for viewers who want raunchy, uproarious comedies that don’t take themselves too seriously. Broken Lizard is the team behind cult classics ‘Beerfest’, ‘The Slammin Salmon’, and ‘Club Dread’. However it has always been their 2001 work, ‘Super Troopers’, that kept fans coming back for more. Fans hoped against hope that a sequel would be possible and here they are 16 years later with one sitting freshly filmed and on the docket for release.

While this news may seem abrupt it has actually been in the making for quite some time. According to Kevin Heffernan, star of ‘Super Troopers’ as well as key member of Broken Lizard, they have been working through post production for the past eight months. In what surely is a good sign it seems like Broken Lizard has been taking the process slow, making sure that each and every joke lands while doing numerous test screenings. Heffernan said in a statement, “Now we get to watch the film in all its glory, and that is an amazing feeling.”

Broken Lizard is putting a lot on the line with this sequel. Not only are fans going to be drumming with anticipation, the very reputation of Broken Lizard is going to be on the line. ‘Super Troops’ is such a cult classic that the concept of a bad sequel has the potential of retroactively ruining what makes the first film so exciting. However, if ‘Super Troopers 2’ is a hit after being crowdfunded it could totally blow open the doors to major production studies deciding to back future Broken Lizard products. There is no release date as of yet for the film.

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