NFL QB Tom Brady to Get His Own Movie?


There are few figures in sports as loathed or loved as the New England Patriot quarterback, Tom Brady. On the surface Tom Brady is everything anyone could wish to me. He is rich. He is famous. He is handsome. He is married to a super model who makes more money than him. Most of all, he is a winner. Brady and the New England Patriots have dominated the National Football League for the past decade and that has made him into the greatest quarterback of all time. Yes, above Peyton Manning. Yes, above Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Yes, above everybody. Now, the man who has it all is looking like he will have his own movie, too.

The team that developed the hit film, ‘The Fighter’, is looking at the life of Tom Brady both on and off of the field. Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson will be writing while Ellen Goldsmith-Vein (‘The Maze Runner’) will be producing. The content of the film will be based entirely on reality and the screenplay will be pulled from the book ’12’ by Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge. The book focuses primarily on the 2016 – ’17 season for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. That season ended up in one of the greatest comeback victories of all time, in any sport, ever.

For people generally averse to biographical football films, there might be some reason to be optimistic. Tamsay and Johnson worked together on ‘The Fighter’ which starred Mickey Rourke as the boxing legend Mickey Ward. The writers have also been integral parts to both ‘The Finest House’ and ‘Patriot’s Day’ — both well received films with a Boston angle and a true story as their core. Still, Brady detractors are likely to point out that Tamsay and Johnson are prone to glossing over controversy in their work. This means that we might get a white-washed and scrubbed clean version of Brady on the big screen. And that’s fine. Sometimes legends need to be perfect.

For those scoffing into their hands at work, consider the impact of Brady’s career on the sports world and how it almost never happened. Now 40 years old, Brady was selected at the back end of the 6th round of the NFL draft in 1999. Brady would go from a stringbean into one of the most physically imposing, sharply focused competitors in the NFL — winning Super Bowl after Super Bowl as a result.

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