How Your Lazy Weekend Could Be Harmful To Your Health


Many men enjoy a relaxing weekend after a lot of physical and mental drain throughout the work week. It is not uncommon to sit down on the couch on Friday night and not get up until Monday morning but this could actually have very serious consequences on your health and wellbeing. It could even contribute to more problems for you the next week and make it harder to get back into the routine that you were used to the previous week. If you are used to having lazy weekends at home, you may want to consider making some changes to your routines and the things that you are doing.

One thing that can come from too much laying around and doing nothing is that you could gain weight and lose muscle mass. A recent study found that men who chose to do nothing on the weekends lost more muscle mass and gained weight. While their counterparts who continued to work out on the weekends maintained their svelte shape even if they were still enjoying some relaxation time that they think would be much needed after having a very long and arduous work week.

The study involved men who did light physical activity throughout the week. As soon as they cut out that activity on the weekends, they began seeing the difference on the scales. They gained weight, they lost a lot of muscle mass and they even started to see the numbers rise on their waist measurements. It was something that was disheartening but also something that made it hard for people to be able to ignore the results. Men who relaxed too much were gaining weight and were not as healthy as those who still maintained some type of physical activity during the weekends instead of just doing it during the weeks.

There are ways that you can fight this, though. If you choose to do some light physical activity on the weekend, you can still see the health benefits that come from it. For example, go for a hike first thing Monday morning. You can sped the rest of your day, then, relaxing on the couch and not feeling guilty. Get up and walk around between every three or so episodes of your favorite Netflix show. It will help you to stay fit and you may even notice that getting back into your Monday routine is much easier.

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