How Could Your Life Change After A Tattoo


When thinking about getting a tattoo, most men know that their lives are going to change. You will look cooler, can pull hotter chicks and may even be able to get further into the bro squad lifestyle but there are a few things that you may not expect to happen when you get a tattoo. Knowing that these things could happen is something that will leave you informed. It is not meant to scare you away from a tattoo. If any of these things will bother you, you may not be ready to get one because they really could happen to you.

Your inks could be tainted. Whether you get the tattoo from a professional (which, you should) or not, you never really know what ingredients are inside of the ink. Getting it done by a reputable artist is always less risky but the ink could have some type of additives and since they’re not regulated by the FDA, you don’t really know what’s going into your skin.

You may get a long-lasting rash. Many people don’t realize that if they are allergic to the ink, they will be stuck with an allergen in their body for the rest of their lives. You may end up with a permanent rash that is around your tattoo which can look ridiculous, be itchy and may even hurt. There’s nothing that you can do because the ink is permanent.

The tattoo artist may be awful. The only way that you will know this is to watch him or her in action. A reputable artist will always be better but some people choose to not use one because they are often more expensive.

Infections can happen at any time. Even if you got your tattoo in the most sterile place using only surgical supplies, you could still get an infection. Most of the time, infections happen during the healing process. Are you ready for septic shock from your cool new ink? Probably not.

The tattoo might turn out bad. There are certain things that tattoo artists can do to help make the process of healing easier and make the tattoo look better when it is healed but there is no guarantee that it will look perfect. What you see the day that you get your tattoo and what you see weeks later after it has fully healed are two very different things and the second one could be terrible.

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Yeah been thinking about gettin my grandchildren tattooed on my upper arm but not sure of the risks for ink yet. They’re always in my heart so not sure I want to make that move yet. Let’s see!