Keep Your Brain Working Hard Everyday To Become Smarter


Don’t Take It Easy On Your Brain

There are two undercover enemies that are slowing down your brain power. The enemies are technology and routines. Technology is a is such wonderful thing that people constantly rely on it for everyday tasks. Whether you are looking for directions using the GPS on your phone, using auto correct or texting yourself a to-do list you are taking it easy on your brain. Ask yourself, how many phone numbers do you know from the top of your head? The same applies for routines. Routines are a way to simplify our daily tasks and avoid decision making. Most people follow the same routine every day almost as if they were on auto-pilot. The problem is that it is deadly for you brain since it runs on your subconscious and uses very little brain power. Here is what you can do every day instead to keep your brain working hard:

  • Take different routes during your commute.

  • Put your recall to the test by making a list and trying to remember all the things listed.

  • Run the numbers in your head instead of using a calculator.

  • Read more books and watch less Television.

  • Find out the answers to your questions by doing research.

  • Read the news and share it with family and friends.

  • Come up with new ideas every day and write them down.

  • Create a “Not To Do” list on how not to waste your time and apply it.

  • Try to learn something new, especially a new language or how to play a new instrument.

  • Play more games. Yes, puzzles, Soduko, board games, card games and even video games.

  • Try to use your nondominant hand to do everyday tasks.

  • Listen to songs and try to remember the lyrics.

  • Play devil’s advocate and defend a point you don’t support.

  • When eating a meal try to identify all the flavors you taste.

  • Call everyone you meet by their name and try to recall it the next time you see them.

  • Don’t save or write down passwords, instead come up with a master pattern and remember them.

  • Think of the item you want to grab from a room before you enter it.

  • Teach to others something you have learned.

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Use your brain or become a sheep….bah bah


I like the brain tips now I’m gonna sprinkle some salt


I agree we are dumbing ourselves down by not using our brains as much as we should


Once your brain goes everything else falls apart


Very good tips. i’ll be putting some of these to work