Exercise Might Combat Depression


Men invest a lot of time exercising for the purpose of leaning out and building up a muscular physique. The outward benefits of exercise are not the only positives. Cardiovascular conditioning improves as well. Another benefit to exercise exists. Studies show that exercising at least one hour per week could cut down on depression.

The Australian organization dubbed the Black Dog Institute recently conducted a study examining global data drawn from 11 years of research. Based on a review of the data, the study suggests people who exercise even at low-intensity levels may experience a reduction in depression. Exercise might even deliver “protection against depression.”

All this is good news for sure, but a little reality has to be infused here. Exercise alone cannot treat or cure major depression. Anyone who suffers from serious or even minor depression would benefit greatly from an evaluation from a mental health professional. Exercise absolutely has its limits in terms of being able to treat someone with depression.

That said, exercise positively can help someone who is struggling with depression and depressive episodes. Certain symptoms of depression can be addressed by taking part in a good workout routine. Sometimes, exercise helps in ways you never expected.

The physical act of exercising is one thing. The social component is another. By socializing at a weightlifting gym, martial arts studio, or tennis courts, participants are able to interact with others who share similar interests. An improvement in mood can be possible when interacting socially with others.

Really, as long as over-training is avoided, there aren’t too many downsides to a reasonable amount of time spent exercising. Exercise remins good for both the body and mind. A wrongheaded belief exists that fitness enthusiasts must train very hard 100% of the time. As the study shows, this simply isn’t accurate. Even a small amount of exercise per week yields positive results.


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