Glen Wakeman: Discovering the Heart of a True Entrepreneur


Glen Wakeman is nothing short of a Renaissance man when it comes to the business world. He has held so many different executive positions at top-ranked companies that his experience is sought after by countless mentees and small businesses looking to follow in his illustrious footsteps. Glen Wakeman decided that he had plenty to share with the business world and wanted to focus his teachings on small business entities to make sure that they have what they need to thrive. This was how LaunchPad Holdings, LLC came about. Glen Wakeman worked with one of his most trusted business partners to develop unique software services that would assist small businesses to get going.


It is often the case that new business owners or entrepreneurs do not quite know where to turn after they have stumbled upon a great idea for a business or service to bring to market. Other than seeking out money from initial investors, there are few people that new entrepreneurs can consult with for fear of debuting their idea too early or unknowingly helping out their competition. Glen Wakeman realized that new business owners typically want to keep their information close to the chest, which is why he developed a type of software that would serve clients no matter the industry that they are associated with.


Some of the necessary services that Glen Wakeman’s groundbreaking software provides to new companies include financial planning, budgeting, online marketing systems, internal communication procedures, inventory management, external messaging, brand promotion and customer relations management (SlideShare). Glen Wakeman wanted to create a more comprehensive way of serving small business clients with all of the things that they require to run their company as smoothly as possible. The great news for small business owners is that Glen Wakeman’s software solutions are available at an affordable rate and are easier than ever to use. You do not have to be a tech genius to be able to navigate Glen Wakeman’s programs for small businesses.

Given all of his time spent working for different international companies around the world, one of the things that Glen Wakeman understands better than most is that there is no one effective way to serve all businesses. This is true no matter what market or industry the business serves. This is why he made sure that the software his company produces is adjustable to the different needs of all kinds of businesses. Glen Wakeman is constantly incorporating feedback from clients in how they would like to see the software expanded or changed. He believes in delivering the most current and advanced tech solutions to his clients so that they are better able to serve theirs.


In addition to understanding the type of internal controls that should be in place to keep a company on track for meeting its goals, Glen Wakeman also has keen insight into the structural and organizational needs of different businesses. He has analyzed a long list of companies from all levels and has narrowed his observations down to a short list of factors that all businesses must pay close attention to in order to succeed, including leadership development, human capital, execution, risk management procedures and good corporate governance. While these topics may seem very broad at first, Glen Wakeman has a useful way of breaking them down so that they are applicable to any business at any stage of its development or business cycle.


Even if a company is in its early stages of development, Glen Wakeman noticed that employees are not typically receptive to change. When laying out a vision or mission statement for your brand, it is important to make sure that you have assembled a leadership team equipped to help all employees feel as though they are an integral part of moving the company forward during its launch as well as subsequent transitions. Glen Wakeman also has an effective strategy for identifying leadership potential within a company so that you are empowering the most talented and teachable leaders to take your brand’s vision forward. While having these elements in place is a great starting point, Glen Wakeman explains that there also need to be sound policies in place so that ideas actually come to production. This is where well-developed execution strategies come into play. If this seems like an overwhelming task, you should take heart that Glen Wakeman distills this type of information and the necessary steps to complete in an accessible and inspiring way.



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Glen Wakeman is a frequent topic at business conferences and is often requested as a guest speaker to share the fundamentals behind his success. His work with Global Insurance Ventures early on in his career laid the foundation for his international perspective and ability to adapt to new situations quickly and with a positive attitude. Glen Wakeman was thrust into various leadership positions even as a young professional, which gave him access to opportunities to hone his own professional skills and study what makes a leader in business efficiency. This also helped Glen Wakeman to embrace challenges as opportunities for further growth and development.

Glen Wakeman held several executive positions with GE Capital, which required more international travel and a constant willingness to keep up with his peers in the industry. His experience as a small business owner, financial services adviser and CEO allowed him to become as well-rounded as possible in his management style. Glen Wakeman put into practice all of the academic experience he gained while pursuing his MBA from the University of Chicago. His top-notch education and outstanding business acumen made Glen Wakeman a premium recruit for some of the world’s most successful business and financial organizations after he graduated.


When asked about what distinguished him from other business owners and top-level executives in business, Glen Wakeman responds that he is willing to collaborate with his peers at all times. Before he takes the next step in bringing a new business idea to life, he forces himself to explain it to a friend or colleague at a very basic level. The process of distilling ideas and incorporating feedback from listeners has been one of the pillars of Glen Wakeman’s success. This is fueled by what Glen Wakeman describes as his personal sense of curiosity and eagerness to learn something new whenever he can. Even though he has been active in the business world for more than 20 years, Glen Wakeman says that he never passes up on the chance to expose himself to something new or learn about someone else’s ideas and perspective. His superior networking skills make this an easy thing to incorporate into his daily life.

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