Playboy Legend Hugh Hefner Laid To Rest Saturday In Small Private Affair


It’s not known at this time if there will be a public memorial honoring the late Hugh Hefner. The “Playboy” founder was buried quietly on Saturday at a private funeral attended by his four children, Christie, 64, David, 62, Marston, 27 and Cooper, 26, reports People magazine. His widow Crystal Harris was there with other close staffers.

Hefner had always maintained that he planned to be buried next to the late Marilyn Monroe, and that is exactly where he was laid to rest, at a burial plot right next to the platinum star in Westwood Village Memorial Park in Los Angeles. A resting place that exquisite was said to have cost the multimillionaire Hefner about $73,000. He bought the plot back in 1992.

Hefner had dreamed of being laid to rest near the alluring Monroe because he said that she was “without question the definitive sex icon of our time.”

Hugh Hefner lived to age 91 and died of natural causes on September 27. Crystal Harris, 31, was Hefner’s third wife, and she was cut out of the publishing magnate’s $43 million fortune. Harris, however, was not left penniless.

According to new information, his widow had signed a watertight prenuptial agreement in 2012 that left her out of his will. Instead, Hefner had purchased a four-bedroom $5 million home for Harris and left her an additional $5 million lump sum upon his passing.

Sources say that Hefner’s fortune will be divided among his four children, and some will go to the University of Southern California and various charities.

At one point during his long magazine publishing career, Hefner was said to be worth some $200 million but lost much of it due to the publications’ sinking popularity.

His youngest son Cooper is the magazine’s chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprises. He left a statement to the media upon his father’s passing, saying that Hugh Hefner will be long remembered for standing tall when it came to advocating free speech, civil rights and sexual freedom.

The last and most current photograph of Hugh Hefner is believed to be one that includes a special moment on June 16 of this year. He is shown with his sons Cooper and Marston playing a game of backgammon on Father’s Day. The photo was shared online by Cooper.

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