78-Year-Old Man Celebrates Birthday By Working Out


Jacinto Bonilla may be 78-years-old, but he is not letting his age slow him down or stop him. In fact, he celebrated his birthday by doing crossfit. He has been doing ccrossfit ever since his 69th birthday. Crossfit is an intense workout. Jacinto does 78 push-ups, 78 wall ball shots, 78 deadlifts, 78 kettlebell swings and 78 squats. He also jumps rope.


Jacinto’s nickname is Jacinto Storm. Not only does he enjoy doing crossfit, but he also works out with other people who enjoy it. Last year, Jacinto was named the fittest 77-year-old. He has influenced people in Hungary, Costa Rica and Portugal.

Jacinto did his birthday workout in Hell’s Kitchen. He told people to not hurt themselves before the workout began. He also told people that if they keep working out, then they will be fit and fine when they are 78. Jacinto does not plan on stopping any time soon. When he was asked when he plans to stop doing crossfit, he stated that he will not stop until he is gone.

Jacinto has always been passionate about fitness. He has been working out since the 1950s. He would go to the gym with his friends. He developed an interest in crossfit after he read an article about it in “Men’s Health” magazine.

Even though Jacinto was already in great shape, he found crossfit to be a challenge. However, he kept coming back. Jacinto faced a setback in 2009 after he found out that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had surgery to remove his prostate gland. He returned to crossfit after his surgery. Even though the surgery made crossfit even more difficult, he stuck with it.

Jacinto loves being fit. He also likes the fact that he can do things that people younger than him are unable to do.




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