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Many men and women strive to be like the business giants of history. Steve Jobs, John D. Rockefeller, and Bill Gates belong to a cohort of people who are wealthy, intelligent, and generous. While these captains of industry spark envy in some people, they are individuals who deserve respect and admiration. After all, the innovations of these entrepreneurs built the American economy into the most powerful of its kind.

While he is not yet well-known in every industry, Eric Pulier is destined for a level of greatness that is reserved for truly innovative entrepreneurs. As a forward-looking businessman, Pulier predicts the future market demand and scarcities to decide which of his innovations will succeed. With a wide range of technology, Pulier improves the world while benefiting from a substantial income.

Eric Pulier uses tried and trusted business practices to reach his goals, but his enormous success can be credited to his unique way of thinking about problems. Instead of always applying the textbook solution to an issue, Pulier crafts new ideas and technology. In many ways, this kind of creative enterprise improves the world at large. How does Pulier succeed where so many others have failed? The answer to this question is rather simple. Pulier is a polymath.

As a polymath, Pulier studies a wide variety of interests. From the natural sciences to literature, Pulier has many passions. Because of his wide knowledge base, he can pull from many applications when he brainstorms solutions. This is a trait of well-read individuals like Benjamin Franklin and Elon Musk. Eric Pulier is also a technological genius, so processes and patterns are simple concepts for him.

Eric Pulier has accomplished much in a 50-year span. From building successful technology firms to raising money for disadvantage children, he never ceases to amaze his fans and critics.

The Early Years

Eric Pulier was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. If self-made men exist, Pulier is one of them.

Eric Pulier was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. He attended public schools, but his largest academic accomplishments occurred outside of the class room. At a young age, Pulier demonstrated technological proficiency. He surely pondered the inner-workings of computers on a regular basis. After reading numerous IT manuals, Eric Pulier decided to build his own computer in the fourth grade. The project was a success. After just a few weeks of hard work, the hard drive, processors, and other components of his computer functioned perfectly.

This early stroke of technological success likely encouraged Pulier to continue studying the world around him. Throughout his primary and secondary education, Pulier consistently scored well on tests. He attentively listened to instructors, and asked all the right questions. By the end of his final year in high school, Pulier’s hardwork paid off. He was accepted to Harvard University. After enjoying a final summer with his family in New Jersey, Pulier moved into a cramped dorm on Harvard’s main campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

While his friends and family members expected him to study engineering or a similar field, Pulier decided to study English and American literature. This decision surprised many people, but it reflects Pulier’s wide range of interests. To continue pursuing his passion for technology and the future, Pulier also studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Pulier graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1988.

Entering the Corporate World

After successfully receiving a world-class education, Eric Pulier decided to move to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, Eric Pulier began to craft his image as a futurist and an entrepreneur. His goal was to build a company that would serve the needs of humanity. Eric Pulier’s first company was People Doing Things, or PDT. People Doing Things was a technology firm that applied technology-based solutions to real-world problems. By drifting away from conventional thinking, Pulier and his team at PDT helped address issues related to education, healthcare, and poverty.

Clients and leaders of the Los Angeles business scene were impressed by Pulier’ efforts. People Doing Things was acquired by another company, and Pulier used the proceeds for additional enterprises. Today, Eric Pulier leads ServiceMesh, an innovative IT firm. ServiceMesh provides technology solutions to companies across the globe via the Cloud.

Pulier was an early adopter of Cloud computing technologies. The Cloud is one of the most important technology assets for modern businesses, and it will play a large role in the future of humanity. Pulier believes that innovation and technological solutions will improve the world, so he uses ServiceMesh to help startups and other disruptive companies.

Making the World a Better Place

While Pulier has earned a great amount of money over the years, he has not forgotten to support people who are less fortunate than him. To help solve the world’s most pressing problems, Eric Pulier created the X-Prize Foundation. The X-Prize Foundation is an organization that hosts competitions for companies and individuals. Participants in these companies are required to pitch an idea that they believe will solve problems related to poverty, disease, governance, and other global issues. The winners of these competitions receive funding to make their world-changing idea a reality.

The X-Prize Foundation focuses the best parts of the market on real-world problems. Most disruptive innovations that provide benefits to the human population originate in the private sector; Pulier simply wants to accelerate this process.

From his early years in New Jersey to his current standing as a giant of the tech industry, Eric Pulier is a remarkable human. The world can count on him to solve global issues with creative technology applications.

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