Hostess Reels Them in With Deep-Fried Twinkies


It turns out that you no longer have to wait for the brain-wilting heat of the annual county fair that, inexplicably, continues to be held smack dab in the middle of July to wrap your taste buds around the delectable goodness of a deep-fried Twinkie. You read that right. Our good friends at Hostess have upped the ante on foods that might shorten your natural life span when eaten in excess. But are they any good? We put this amazing product to the test. Here’s what we found.

They’re Frozen

As you might not have expected, these Twinkies are pre-dipped in cake funnel batter and oil and then frozen in a package of seven that runs just a little south of five bucks. Right now, they can be purchased at Wal-mart and Aldi. There may be other retail locations, but it’s hard to find a spot in America where you can’t chuck a rock and not have it land in a parking lot owned by either of these grocery store chains, so that ought to do you.


We don’t always eat the first cake out of the box without cooking it, but when we do it makes us wonder why anyone would ever take the time to actually cook the things. However, in the event you decide to heat this frozen dessert properly, set the oven to 350 degrees and pop them in for 6-8 minutes. Don’t try microwaving. The box cautions against it and playing around with microwaves is not a good idea – just ask that old race car driver who configured his to work with the door off so he could stick his arthritic foot in there. We’re not making this up.

But back to the Twinkies.

We’re not sure if one can properly express the gustatory pleasure involved in eating one of these piping hot, crunchy, creamy bits of food heaven. The only improvement might be to put them on a stick because that’s how you consume all good fair food.


Deep-fried Twinkies aren’t the nutritional wasteland you might expect. In fact, a single cake contains a mere 220 calories and, well, a little bit of fat and sugar. Since wives and girlfriends are notoriously unsupportive of this kind of thing, your best bet might be to unpackage them from the bright, blue box they come in and hide them inside some sort of frozen vegetable like brussel sprouts. Deep-fried Twinkies: be glad you live in a country where this is still possible.

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