Bro With Brains: Canada’s Regenerative Medicine Expert Cameron Clokie Has Some Amazing New Ideas


Cameron Clokie is a surgeon who wears several hats. In addition to being one of the top maxillofacial and oral surgeons, he is also an entrepreneur and a scientist. Before joining the University of Toronto as a professor, Dr. Clokie has been in clinical practice for nearly 30 years.

Dr. Cokie’s reputation has seen him forge alliances with other surgeons and business entities around the world. This has turned his vast knowledge and skills into a formidable business enterprise. He also makes presentations around the world, teaching about regenerative medicine and bone reconstruction.

Here is one of Dr. Cokie’s presentations on regenerative medicine:

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a section of translational fact- finding in molecular biology and tissue engineering that deals with the process of regenerating, engineering, replacing human organs, tissues or cells to establish or restore normal function. Basically, traditional drugs are different from regenerative medicine in that the former is meant to treat the main cause of the condition by replacing organs or cells while the latter is specifically meant to treat symptoms.

How Does Regenerative Medicine Relate to Stem Cells?

Regenerative medicine experts are researching about the different categories of stem cells, including embryonic and adult stem cells. They are also ensuring that they research about the various kinds of progenitor cells like those found in the umbilical cord blood. However, according to research that was recently conducted, only a couple of developments and achievements have been successfully utilized by patients around the world. This has made private clinics to desperately search for alternative treatments options a factor that has made them provide unproven therapies.

Studies conducted have concluded that regenerative medicine and cell therapies, with their capacity of improving health of patients, are factors representing structural shift in health- care as they strictly focus on underlying causes of disorders by regenerating, replacing or repairing the body’s damaged cells.

For instance, a person suffering from type I diabetes cannot in anyway produce insulin. He or she is therefore required to access daily insulin injections in order for his/ her blood sugar to be effectively kept at check. However, while the treatment of this type of diabetes is yet to be utilized in many health care institutions, there are some departments of regenerative medicine which are well versed in medical practice.

What you Need to Know About Early Breakthrough of Cell Therapy

The earliest convention of cell therapy was blood transfusion i.e. a factor that is up to date very popular in numerous clinical settings. Transfusion of blood is accompanied with transplantation of the bone marrow i.e. a process that is entitled to give blood cancer or radiation damage patients an opportunity of making healthy blood cells by utilizing the bone marrow stem cells of the donor.

Why is Regenerative Medicine Being Considered Very Important Recently?

The promising section of regenerative medicine is tirelessly working to making sure that the process of restoring structure as well as functionality of damaged organs and tissues comes to reality. It is working also to create reliable solutions for organs which become permanently damaged.

The main aim of this field of medicine is to come out with an effectively treatment option that can be used to cure previously untreatable diseases and injuries. However, despite the achievements and the facts that experts are working for new therapies, regenerative medicine is yet to enter mainstream medical practice in some areas of medicine.

Is there a Possibility that Patients are Being Exposed?

To prevent patients from being deceived, FDA is ensuring that none of the healthcare practitioners is marketing or advertising stem cell products without their approval. This has reduced the number of dishonest actors that are coming with counterfeit means which are deceiving patients and in the long run spoiling the reputation of stem cell.

Dr. Cameron Clokie

What Do We Expect in the Future?

Despite the fact that regenerative medicine being believed to have a good chance of making a positive breakthrough, more complex disorders like heart infarct or diabetes will need an advanced approach than the one that is currently in use in order. This will definitely make us see a more significant impact.

We should ensure that we minimize the cost that is being used when trying to research about the various factors associated with regenerative medicine and maximize the merits that come along with what we discover.

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