‘Stranger Things 2’ Makes Netflix Debut


There is, perhaps, no greater era of spooky films than that of the ’80s. So it makes total sense that the acclaimed directing/writing duo that is the Duffer Brothers would pursue that era. The Duffer Brothers, comprised of Matt and Ross Duffer, are the twins behind the most electric new series in entertainment: ‘Stranger Things’. The first season of ‘Stranger Things’ aired on Netflix in July of 2016 and it quickly became apparent that the writing/directing duo had struck gold. The series catered to the nostalgic vibes of the early ’80s and it featured a beautiful soundtrack, fantastic ensemble, and a Stephen King-inspired storyline. This all makes sense, of course, because the Duffer Brothers were initially attached to adapt ‘It’! Due to the success of the first season, fans are lining up to binge the entire second season — which released on Friday, October 27th, 2017.

The second season of the hit show has been fervently monitored by fans at home and around the world. The first tease that we would be getting a second season of ‘Stranger Things’ came by way of an incredibly well-received trailer that dropped at Comic-Con in San Diego. The trailer teased at an expanding world and a return to the small town of Hawkins. Hawkins is, of course, filled once again with all of our favorite characters. David Harbour, who was recently cast in the ‘Hellboy’ reboot, returns as Chief Jim Hopper. The entire Dungeons & Dragons group of heroic children also make their return, with the character Will Byers taking on center stage.

In fact, marketing materials have shown that the Duffer Bros haven’t been afraid of changing up the way characters will be represented in this second season. Rather than doubling down on Finn Wolfhard’s character, Mike, it looks like the second season will turn this into an even larger piece of ensemble work. The addition of Hollywood icon Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, The Goonies) and ‘Power Rangers’ star Dacre Montgomery only teases at a more fulfilled and well-rounded cast.

‘Stranger Things 2’ is all about expanding on the world that we were introduced to without losing the nostalgic and campy vibes that made the first season so popular. David Harbour said, in an interview, “Something clearly is out there that’s coming back in a bigger, badder way for this season.” Harbour’s words are laden with the kinda drama that should keep fans squirming in their seat out of excitement and they have been heavily echoed by the rest of the cast as well as the promotional materials. ‘Stranger Things 2’ is now available to stream on Netflix and fans should be sure to watch it before spoilers begin to permeate the internet.

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