Places to Get Spoiled this Halloween


Halloween is one of the most overlooked holidays as it’s submerged between Christmas and Thanksgiving. However, there are cities out there that are transforming the holiday to a destination holiday by offering theme park pop-up events, annual festivals, and spooky vibes. For those wishing to enjoy their Halloween in a better way than before, they should consider one of the following cities.
New Orleans
This is one of the cities in America when it’s possible to harmonize with Halloween naturally. This is made possible by the year-round cemetery walks as well as the voodoo legends in the area. At the city of New Orleans, there is an annual event known as Krewe of Boo that allows participants to enjoy the Halloween. This is an event that happens every October. For starters, this is a Mardi-Grass-inspired Halloween parade that is also family-friendly. For the lovers of themes that include vampires and werewolves, this is their event. There is also something for float riders. They have a chance of throwing candy to the crowd. Finally, this is an area that has a number of areas where people can hold after-event parties. However, a Halloween in New Orleans manages to draw costumes from all ages.

This is one of the world’s region that is famous for Dracula. For starters, Dracula is a famous villain from gothic horrors. As a result, this is an area that is worth discovering on its own. This coupled with the swath of western and central Romania makes things quite interesting. Romania is mountainous, and it’s known for its ancient cities. These cities are also well preserved. No other European country has managed to preserve its ethnicity and political history like Romania. For instance, in the old two of Sighisoara, there is a medieval clock tower that has been well preserved. Another place in the area that’s quite interesting for travelers is the Bran Castle.

Whitby, England
This is a town that is located in the Yorkshire of the English coast. It’s a town that has claimed to be the home of Dracula in a different way than other places. For instance, it’s said that Bram Stoker lived in the town for a month in 1890 and this lead to the creation of his famous book the Dracula. The book was later published in 1897. There are plenty of Halloween themed events at the month of October in the city. Salem, Massachusetts is also another good place.

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