Watch Out For The New Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie


Film critics have now seen the fifth movie in the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” film franchise. Officially called “Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tale No Tales”

(POTC5), this fifth film in the franchise represents a new direction for the series. This was an important and necessary step. Although the first three films in the series achieved critical and commercial success, the fourth film faced a far different fate. Although it certainly wasn’t a box office flop, that film didn’t perform nearly as well as the producers had hoped it would. Although POTC5 has been screened for the press, May 26 is the film’s official worldwide release date.

In POTC5, two of the original “Pirates” actors have returned to the franchise. Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom were top-billed cast members in the first three entries of the series. Some commentators believe that audiences may have felt confused when Knightley and Bloom were dropped from the fourth film. By bringing back these loved cinematic figures for POTC5, the filmmakers may succeed in wooing back the fans that made the first film a huge hit.

So far, the critical reviews for POTC5 are decidedly mixed. A number of critics simply don’t feel that the new film offers enough freshness or originality to achieve artistic success. Some reviewers have complained that Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow character just isn’t exciting any more. Fortunately for Disney, which financed the film, bad reviews don’t always lead to box office failure. There is every chance that POTC5 will achieve great financial success. While few people are expecting that POTC5 will earn $652 million, like the first “Pirates” film did, this could well turn into a cinematic success story. Since the film has a budget of more than $200 million, it is at least likely to have excellent visuals and special effects.

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