6 Reasons to Not Purchase a Romper


Romper memes are cropping up on social media sites, men are sporting them for the ‘gram, and ladies everywhere are looking confused as to what you are wearing. The man romper is in. If you’re still holding out and are not planning on purchasing one, good for you! If you have started thinking about getting one, read below. If you’ve already purchased one, throw that baby on and let your freak flag fly. Any guy who has enough confidence to wear a man romper should absolutely do so but here are a few reasons why you might not want to actually wear one.

Compared to most of the shorts that you have in your closet, the romper is really short. That might mean that you need to rethink your undergarment choices. Buying a whole new collection of underwear just for one piece of uni clothing? No thanks!

A wedgie from a romper is like no other wedgie that you have ever felt in your life. They should probably just go ahead and call themselves Arty the fifth-grade bully. This is especially true if you have a long torso which can cause the romper to really ride up where it really doesn’t belong.

Getting clothes mixed up with your girlfriend’s clothes is no position that any man wants to go through. If your girlfriend wears rompers regularly, let her shine in them. Keep your man romper far away from the rompers that your girlfriend loves to wear. She probably looks better in them, anyway.

Until the man romper gains more popularity, you’ll be very limited in the patterns that you can choose from. If you must try a romper, wait until there are more options so that you can stand out from the crowd of romper-clad guys.

Summer is quickly approaching and swamp crack is a real thing. Do you really want a uni-outfit that is going to be riding closer and close to your crack during the hot and sweaty summer months? Think about what that romper is going to feel like in July and then rethink your decision to buy one.

Usually, rompers look best on guys who are in large groups of other guys wearing rompers. If your squad is not wearing rompers yet, don’t buy one. Consider having the romper talk with them to find out if it is something you are all ready to do together.

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