Walking Dead Star Promises Action-Packed New Season


Television fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the new season of the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is a television show that portrays what happens to the world after a zombie epidemic. This show mixes a blend of action, drama, horror, and humor that fans have loved for years. The recent addition of series villain Negan has taken the show to levels fan thought they would never see. One Walking Dead star recently promised that season 8 of this show will be action-packed.

Seasons seven of the Walking Dead ended with Rick’s band of survivors joining forces against Negan’s group of baddies. The upcoming season eight premiere is set to be a special event because it is the Walking Dead’s 100th episode. Fans of the Walking Dead have had a roller coaster of opinions about the show since its debut. Seth Gilliam, the person playing Father Gabriel in the Walking Dead, said recently that this show’s upcoming season feels like an 80’s action movie seen from Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Screen Rant reports that Gilliam mentioned that the upcoming season of the Walking Dead will be explosive. One thing that fans have criticized the Walking Dead for is losing its original edge. Many recent episodes featuring Negan have appeared to bring back the action and horror into the Walking Dead. Fans are likely to be excited hearing the action in season eight of the Walking Dead is set to ramp up. Many are ready for series good guy Rick Grimes to get his revenge against the tyranny of the villain known as Negan.

In summary, the newest season of the Walking Dead will premiere on October 22nd. A star of this television show, Seth Gilliam, gave a recent interview about the upcoming season. Seth Gilliam is better known as player the preacher in the Walking Dead known as Father Gabriel. Gilliam was reported to mention that season eight of the Walking Dead focuses heavily on action. Many fans have enjoyed seeing Negan take over the world of Rick and his survivors. Time will tell if fans will herald what they’re about to see throughout the upcoming season of the Walking Dead.

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