This Is Why Women Live Longer Than Men


Obvious Answer To A Complicated Question

Out of the verified 100 oldest people in the world, only 5 were men. On average most women live from 5-10 years longer than men. Scientists can’t seem to pinpoint it but they say it has to do with cardiovascular health or stress others say it has to do with menstrual cycles and cells. Whatever the case might be the problem is that most men don’t even make it that far. During our 20’s us men go through a testosterone storm that usually leads us to do not so clever things. We lose all fear of consequences and act on impulse. This is why women live longer than men shown through pictures.

Electricity and water is always a great idea

Let’s spark up the day with some gas

Who needs a workbench when you have a solid back

Don’t worry we won’t let go of the couch

It’s time to change the AC air filter again

Beers and target practice go hand in hand

Who needs a long paint roller when you have a brush

Those 4 x 4 should be able to hold a couple of tons long enough

There is nothing worse than a bird pooping on your window

No mask no problem

Balancing is good for the calves

Let me fly out this window for a cool pic

Wood planks make the best painting platforms

At least I’ll blow up relaxed

Who needs hands when you have legs

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Just when you thought youve seen it all….


This is not gender specific this is intelligence specific


lol you can never underestimate people and their stupidity in general