Clinton Road – Most Haunted Road In America


The Clinton Road In New Jersey

The Clinton Road is a stretch of 9.3 miles in West Milford, New Jersey. It runs north-south direction, beginning at route 23 near Newfoundland and running all the way to Upper Greenwood Lake. This road has gained quite a reputation in the past few decades as being very haunted with all sorts of mysteries occurring. It is also notorious for having the country’s longest traffic light wait. A double intersection where route 23 crosses the road can cause motorists to wait for a total of 5 minutes for a single light. But that is of minor importance compared to the sinister tale’s that have happened here.

Dark Legend With Numerous Tales

How haunted can a road and the surrounding area possibly you may ask? Well, this road has accounted for a good variety of strange things. Those include sightings of ghosts, strange creatures, and gathering of witches, Satanists, and even the Klu Klux Klan. It’s a long desolate stretch of road that can make the imagination go nuts according to a local police chief. Let’s explore some of the things that have been said by locals about this haunted road.

  • A boy’s ghost haunts the bridge: One of the bridges over Clinton Road is near a reservoir and the sight of one of the scariest tales. Legend has it that if you throw a quarter over the bridge at midnight, the quarter is promptly thrown back by the boy who drowned there many years ago.
  • Ghost Camaro: A girl driving a Chevrolet Camaro on this road crashed and died in 1988. People claim that if you drive here at night and speak about this accident, it will trigger a manifestation.
  • Ghost Park Rangers: People camping near Terrance Pond have encountered two park rangers near the hiking trails. These two park rangers died on the job in 1939.
  • The Druidic Temple: There is an iron smelter left over from the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. It has been rumored that this site near the reservoir is a local Druid temple where they practice rituals. Horrible things can happen to those who get too close to take a look at the wrong time.
  • Ghost Truck: There are multiple accounts of phantom cars, in particular, a pickup truck. People have spotted a pair of floating headlights not attached to anything come up right behind them, forcing them to serve off the road only to see the ghost car disappear.
  • Strange Creatures: There are really odd reports of sightings of hellhounds, unidentified hybrids, and strange monkeys. Rumor has it that these are survivors of the Jungle Habitat, a nearby attraction that closed in 1976. Some believe the survivors managed to crossbreed and remain in the area while others believe these are supernatural sightings.

Other Events That Occurred On The Road

In 1905, a man by the name of Richard Cross built a castle on high land near the reservoir for his wife and three kids. A great fire destroyed it in the late 20th century, now becoming a popular destination for hikers and campers looking to party. Many have reported strange occurrences in or near the castle. People have experienced seizures or even had bruises appear out of nowhere. In some extreme examples, people have experienced really intense visions. There are Satanic symbols on the interior of the castle walls.

The forest surrounding the Clinton Road was also the dumping grounds for The Iceman. From the 50’s through the 80’s, Richard Kuklinski was a hitman for the mafia that would freeze his victims to throw off the timeline of their death. Standing at 6’5 and 270 pounds, the massive man would then use the land nearby this road to dump his victims so they can never be found. It is believed he is responsible for the murder of 100-250 men from 1948 thru 1986. In 1983, a cyclist going down the road spotted a vulture eating something near a bunch of trees. As he drew closer, he noticed a dead body. Autopsy reports discovered foul play and ice crystals in the blood vessels near the heart. His interior organs had decayed far slower than his skin. This eventually lead to the arrest of the Iceman in 1986, along with other bodies found.

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