OneLogin Compares Internet Security to Game of Thrones: Complete With Frozen Zombies


Game of Thrones is one of the most viewed and talked about TV series in this century. As the cyber world is changing, cyber security threats are increasingly becoming common. One of the things movie fans should learn is that some of the episodes in Game of Thrones give insights on how to deal with cyber threats.


OneLogin explains from the “A Song of Ice and Firewalls” episode, Jon Snow enlists help from his allies to prepare for war. There are several similarities between the efforts of Jon Snow’s team and cyber security experts in the modern world. Snow’s team, The Night’s Watch, is on the verge to protect the Seven Kingdoms against intruders coming from Westeros’ northern border.



“The Wall” is used in the Game of Thrones as a physical structure that prevents White Walkers from invading the Seven Kingdoms. In real life, “The Wall” symbolizes firewalls and other Internet security measures that experts use to protect computer systems against hackers. Despite having “The Wall” to surround the kingdoms, some Watchmen for Night’s Watch are killed by intruders. In the modern-day world, it should be noted that not all firewalls developed by IT specialists are safe.


It can be concluded that Jon Snow of Game of Thrones is aware that The Wall can be penetrated. He also understands that outside threats can only be mitigated when people unite and act defensively. The third lesson is that Jon Snow believes that non-disabled individuals tasked to protect the kingdom should undergo prior training.



Today, cyber security threats can only be curbed by proper training and policies. This means that institutions should train every employee, irrespective of their job title on how to handle common computer hacks. Employees should also acquire training on how to create stronger passwords, handle phishing emails and malware, and keep their accounts safe.



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