“American Ninja Warrior” Has A Unique Idea For His Kids’ Allowances


Morgan “Moose” Wright definitely fits the profile of a fit person. He’s one of 100 contestants to reach the “American Ninja Warrior” finals. He’s also making a name for himself as a dad who promotes both physical fitness and financial health. Wright has a unique deal with his two children. He pays them an allowance that corresponds to their physical activity levels. The kids seem to be doing pretty good with the deal.

Wright is doing a lot more than providing his young ones with a few dollars each week. He’s serving up more than a few valuable lessons they would benefit from later in life. People run into trouble as they age when they run into both health and money troubles. Often, both troubles could have been avoided by simply taking better care of oneself. Learning the basics of health and finance as a little kid does set the stage for making the right decisions as an adult.

Wright definitely understands how physical activity can be beneficial. He also works as a physical education teacher in the school system. Promoting physical activities to his young sons allows them to experience the positives of physical activity first hand.

Work ethic is also taught when Wright rewards his kids with allowance money for physical activities. In certain professions, people only earn when they get a specific job done. The young ones learn completing a task leads to reward. The more work one does, the greater the reward becomes.

Wright also has a lot of work cut out for himself. Winning the “American Ninja Warrior” contest won’t exactly be easy. Wright absolutely has to bring his proverbial A-game to the event. Even if he doesn’t finish at the top, the press he’s getting from his brilliant allowance idea will leave him a winner in the public’s eye no matter how the contest turns out.



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