Brock Osweiler Returns to Denver Broncos in Bizarre Career Move


Two years ago Brock Osweiler was looking like the heir apparent to the Denver Bronco’s starting quarterback role, vacated by the retired Peyton Manning. At the time Osweiler was just 24 years old and he had stepped up in the absence of Peyton Manning in order to lead Denver to the postseason while posting an 86.4 QB rating and tossing 10 touchdowns n just 8 games of work. Osweiler was set to take over the franchise. Then Houston came and offered him a sack of cash. After a horrible year in Houston Osweiler would be dealt to Cleveland where he would be cut just months later. Now, with the 2017 NFL season upon us, Osweiler is returning to Denver once again — and he might have a chance at a starting gig.

The story of Brock Osweiler’s journey from Denver to a huge paycheck in Houston to back again is probably one that is going to be remembered in the annals of sports history for a long, long time. Osweiler was almost re-signed by the Denver Broncos just last year to a huge contract extension. However, Houston came to town and offered Osweiler a 4 year deal worth an eye popping $72 million. Osweiler would have been crazy to turn down that money and, as it ends up, Houston was insane to offer that kind of cash to begin with. Now, Brock is returning to Denver on a one year contract where he will be getting paid the veteran minimum by Denver. Of course, Osweiler still has guaranteed money coming in from his huge Houston deal so it isn’t like the 26 year old right handed quarterback is actually aching for money.

What makes the Osweiler saga so confusing and interesting is that it involved a relationship that many people thought to be damaged for good. Osweiler’s first appearance in Houston made a bad impression with his former team. Osweiler said that Houston has given him “the best chance to compete” despite the fact that the Denver Broncos were coming off of a Super Bowl Championship. The press conference felt like a cheap shot and a slap to the Broncos ownership for not giving him an opportunity to land a bigger paycheck back home.

Still, despite Brock’s apparent disquiet with the Denver Bronco front office he will be returning to Denver in order to compete in one of the most fluid quarterback situations in the league. Denver does not have a true starting quarterback at this time. Trevor Semian isn’t a guaranteed thing and Paxton Lynch might not be ready. Could we be looking st another year of Brock Osweiler under center? Could his return catalyze an otherwise elite Denver unit?

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