Could Fatherhood And Marriage Be Leading Men To Weight Gain?


The chances are good that you have heard all about guys getting married and they start to develop a spare tire around the midsection. While you may have laughed it off as an old wives’ tale, you should know that studies are now pointing to there being more truth to the old adage after all. Findings are bringing about information that those men who are married tend to have a higer BMI than men that are not married.

But, its because of her amazing cooking!

Even though you may be eating better as a married male, there are many guys who will fall into a routine. While a routine can be nice, there will usually come a time when you start to veer away from some of the healthier choices that you made in the past.

Do you still go to the gym? Are you hitting a ball around at the course with your friends a night or two each week? When you start to give up the outings that you used to enjoy as a single guy, you may end up losing a lot of what kept you healthy and fit.

Time to call the marriage quits then! …right? No.

There is no reason why you cannot bring together the perfect blend of eating right and staying active, while still enjoying time with your wife and family. As a matter of fact, you can think about getting her involved in planning for the better so that you can easily tackle that spare tire that just seems to keep on getting bigger.

Research has been hinting that some married men tend to weigh in at roughly three pounds heavier than single guys. Becoming a parent also seems to impact weight, with some married men having a notable increase in weight after just a few years after becoming a father.

Just Be Mindful!

Take a look, a real honest look, at how you are eating and your activities each day. If you know that you could be taking the stairs over the elevator at work, do it! When you know that you can reach for a healthier snack when sitting down with friends to watch the big game on Sunday, do it! There is nothing that is keeping you from staying at your ideal, healthier weight, but you. Before you know it, you could be back to your pre-marriage/fatherhood weight in no time at all.

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