Should Men Worry About The Women’s Power Movement?


There is a change coming, men. And it’s going to be a big ass change. Donald Trump may be the poster boy for the macho, egotistical, conservative movement, but he and his posse represent much more than that. Trump is ushering in the age of the feminine. Yep. Trump is unlocking the powerful energy of femininity, and he is doing with the precision of a skilled craftsman. Women’s power has always been an unspoken as well as subdued reality, but now, thanks to Trump, that power is electrifying and changing the mentality of the country.

Okay. The women’s power thing doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal. And Trump doesn’t seem like the guy who is unleashing anything but an assortment of confusing, debatable rhetoric. But when men stop and think about what’s really happening in politics and in the social behavior of the country, they begin to realize women are the new Cleopatra’s of this techno-modern times. Men are slipping down a slope of disjointed facts and moronic beliefs, and they find themselves touching their inner femininity. The femininity that hides behind their self-serving, inflated masculine grandeur.

And when they touch that state of inner femininity, men worry. Men worry because they realize what is really bugging them. They realize the fact that if men vanish for some reason, the species could continue to thrive on frozen sperm. If women disappeared extinction is inevitable. And that’s big for the male ego. Men underestimate the strength of the opposite sex because they don’t understand the impetus behind women power until they connect with their hidden inner feminity.

The impetus behind women’s power is the disconnect men have with their femininity, and the inherent fear men have of looking stupid. So they try to control their lack of conscious equality by emitting masculine hormones that mask their fears. And men have a list of fears that are undeniable. Men worry about how much money they make. They worry about their accomplishments in business and in the bedroom. They worry about losing their hair and their health, and they worry about their ability to be a good parent. And most of all, men worry about the subtle dominance of their own femininity.

But the good news is, Trump is the catalyst for unlocking that inner femininity in men. He is showing men that women’s power is the true power that energizes a nation and a culture. Donald is breaking down the barriers within men, and women are pushing him to continue to be Donald and display all his masculine tomfoolery. So, men shouldn’t worry about women’s power. Men are playing a big role in energizing that power by connecting to their own inner feminine power.

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