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A guy can stay cool whether working construction, playing sports, running in the park, walking on the beach, hiking trails, pumping iron, cleaning a stifling garage or even sitting in a hot, open air stadium when he has the right self-cooling mechanism. When temperatures soar, staying hydrated, keeping electrolytes at the right levels and maintaining stable body temperature are important for individual health and well-being.

Cooling Convenience

If time is limited and there is no running to the shower, hosing off or pouring a bucket of ice water over your head, cooling towels and similar cooling gear have become spur-of-the-moment accessories to keep on hand for those times when there is no major access to a cool spot, ice machine or other ways to stay cool.

Cooling Towel Evolvement

Cooling towels have evolved over the years in their style, fabric makeup and absorbability. The cooling towel trend was jump started with narrow neck or collar type wraps in bright colors and styles. Other similar cooling companions followed, such as cooling hats, bandanna type headgear, headbands, wristbands, arm sleeves, vests, upper body full wraps, smaller cloths, larger towels and multi-tasking wraps that are versatile in their use. They double as headbands, scarves, neck gaiters, hoods, caps, facemasks and more. There is no shortage of cooling devices to meet the needs of those involved in any type of outdoor or indoor activity that generates heat and sweat and requires a speedy cooling response.

Cooling Technology

The cool technology is fairly cut and dried as most cooling accessories either contain special crystals within the cooling accessory, which are made to hold water and release it over a period of time to the area to be cooled, or they are made of breathable and lightweight knit or microfiber materials that absorb perspiration and are able to move moisture away from different parts of the body. This action keeps any areas to be cooled dry as well as cool.

Cooling Procedure

The cooling procedure is activated by soaking the towel cloth or other similar accessory, wringing out any extra water and snapping it about three times and applying it to the area that requires cooling. This process allows the towel to cool an area up to several hours when wet. In order to refresh the towel, it is simply soaked and snapped again.

Cooling towels are a great sensation that have taken sports and other outdoor activities by storm, and their lightweight nature, accessibility and cooling technology have satisfied and impressed men of all backgrounds with their ability to cool almost any area of the body. It just takes a soak and snap to feel the cool and recover, no matter the activity. Stay cool!

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