Lucky Lottery Player Hits Jackpot For Second Time!


It’s rare for anyone to hit the jackpot on any lottery game as hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions, play the lottery on a daily basis in the United States. Not only has a Michigan man beat the odds and hit the jackpot recently; it was his second time hitting the jackpot in a matter of eighteen months!

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, matched the numbers 05-12-16-27-37 drawn last Tuesday to hit with another player for a total of $416,450 that will be split between them. That means the Westland, Michigan man gets to take home $208,225 for his winning Fantasy 5 ticket purchased at the Westland Food Store located at 1690 South Venoy road in Westland.

Even though he had to split the jackpot with another player, the $208,225 is still a significant amount more than the jackpot amount of $125,000 he hit for playing the same lottery game in January of 2016. “When I won the first Fantasy 5 jackpot in January 2016, I didn’t think I could get any luckier,” said the player. “After I won that jackpot, I started playing a few new sets of numbers and I hadn’t really won much, but I stuck it out and I sure am glad I did.” This second jackpot win led to a few nights without sleep as the Michigan man was stunned by his second stroke of lucky in the lottery.

The man visited the Lottery Headquarters this past Thursday to claim his share of the jackpot. He plans to buy a new home, take a trip, and will save the rest of the $208,225 he won less than a week ago. He stated he was happy to be able to move his retirement up a few years and have the extra cushion after his recent win in the lottery.

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