Secret Behind North Korea Missile Success


Experts have come out to float theories that may be behind the success of the North Korean intercontinental ballistic missile test. Some of the analysts suggest that the launch may have been made possible by black market purchases from a Ukrainian factory. This is the same factory that has ties with the missile program of Russia. This information was brought to light by the American intelligence agencies. These studies are aimed at solving the mysteries behind North Korea success after many failed attempts. It is believed that some of the failures may have resulted from sabotage by the United States through cyber-attacks and supply chains. A missile expert known as Michael Elleman says that the success may also be attributed to the change of design by the country and change of suppliers. Michael Elleman works for the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Experts also say that the success may have been fueled by President Trump’s shortcomings. For instance, President Trump thinks of China as the only ally of North Korea whereas there are other possible countries such as Russia and Ukraine. Studies of the motors used in the launch show that the motors are similar to those of Soviet Union missiles. Experts concluded that the engines used in this launch were very powerful such that they had the ability to deliver 10 warheads over continents.

The factory that has been isolated for this study is a factory found in Dnipro, Ukraine. According to investigators, the factory is located in a war-torn area in Ukraine. The factory used to make the deadliest missiles for the Soviet arsenals. This factory continued producing missiles for Russia long after Ukraine became independent. Experts say that the factory stopped producing the missiles after the collapse of Viktor Yanukovych regime in 2014. The only question that is bothering the experts is whether North Korea is working with Ukraine and the number of engines they have acquired so far. This confirms fears from a United Nations report two years ago when two North Koreans were arrested in Ukraine for stealing information related missile fuel supply systems, spacecraft as well as liquid-propellant engines and missile systems. The latest success only confirms rumors that had been spreading around that the technology used in the latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch by North Korea was above their knowledge. If the latest success is anything to go by, it means that North Korea has taken 10 months to begin from scratch and succeed.




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