Throwback Sneakers Are Back, And They Are Affordable


In the world of 21st century athletic shoe fashion, throwback tennis shoes are not as dominant as they used to be. The problem with throwback sneakers is that major brands such as Nike and Adidas keep coming up with amazing footwear technology that often makes throwbacks an afterthought. Thankfully, classic brands such as Converse and Vans are interested in keeping the throwback torch alive for the sake of fashion and style.

The good news for style-conscious individuals and tennis shoe collectors is that the throwback catalog of 2017 is not only looking good but also affordable. The following sneakers cost less than $100 and feature classic styling that belongs to bygone eras when tennis shoes were at the height of fashion:

Reebok Club C85 ELM

For the most part, men would not even entertain the thought of wearing pink sneakers; however, Reebok has brought back their Club C shoes, which were designed for maximum performance on the tennis court, with a more casual style that goes beyond the basic white. The Club C85 ELM retails for around $80 and includes a light pink color option that manages to stay masculine.

Asics Onitsuka Tiger GSM

These shoes were originally favored by softball players and joggers in the mid-80s; they are back with teal-colored stripes that make them look very stylish. A pair of Onitsuka Tiger GSMs costs $85.

Kenneth Cole On the Road

As a prominent men’s fashion brand, Kenneth Cole is not usually associated with athletic footwear, but this exception to the rule is certainly welcome. On the Road walking shoes are woven, flexible, sharp and extremely comfortable. These shoes can be purchased at Nordstrom’s for less than $100.

New Balance Classics

The unsightly thick soles of yesteryear have disappeared from the New Balance classic sneakers, which are good for everything from walking to jogging and from skateboarding to casual bike riding. The all-white model with the perforated N on the side costs just $75. As with all shoes manufactured by New Balance, the classic model is designed to last.

Fila Original Fitness

Breakdancers used to swear by these bulky and fashionable tennis shoes, which manage to look great with just about any wardrobe. Fila is always a hit on the dance floors of old-school nightclubs, and these original models can be purchased for just $60.

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