The Benefits of Buying a Used BMW from Beverly Hills Auto


Residents of NYC can now put on a smile, thanks to the availability of best-selling brands of used vehicles from Beverly Hills Auto. Whether you are looking for a new vehicle or a used luxury car, Beverly Hills Auto is home to a wide variety of pre-owned vehicles. The auto team works relentlessly to ensure that clients acquire vehicles that perfectly complement their distinct lifestyles. There are many brands of pre-owned vehicles that we stock. Nonetheless, this is a narrow focus on the benefits of purchasing a used BMW luxury vehicle.

When buying a used vehicle or a new car, there are many things that buyers may consider, such as financing, warranty, features, and price. Clients that choose to buy a used BMW luxury vehicle, enjoy a slew of benefits such as greater warranty coverage and an already factored initial depreciation. Here are the benefits of buying a pre-owned BMW instead of a new one.

Lower Purchase Price
BMWs are premium and expensive vehicles, and they are more expensive than most standard vehicles. But their pre – owned versions are more affordable than new ones because their value has depreciated. Used BMWs, which are re-conditioned and certified, are often as reliable as new ones, but they come at a lesser price than new BMWs. To get the best value when selecting a used BMW vehicle, buyers should select gently used vehicles that have a low mileage and no history of damage or accidents. In essence, the buyer of a used BMW gets to enjoy the same value and luxury just like the owner and proud buyer of a new BMW, but at a lower price than that of a new B M W.

Low Premium Rates and Cheap Registration
The insurance premiums decline as the value of the car declines with age and mileage. The insurance companies will charge low premiums for a used car because they do not have to pay as much for a pre – owned vehicle as would be the case when replacing a new vehicle. In addition, used vehicles cost less to register. Therefore, a buyer of a used BMW gets the advantage of paying less registration fees and lower premium rates than the buyer of a new  BMW.

Depreciation is Already Factored
Vehicles depreciate in value with each mile and month. But the highest depreciation occurs in the first few months after purchase. In fact, 40 % of the depreciation occurs in the first year. As such, the first owner always takes much of the depreciation hit, and this reflects in the low purchase price of the pre – owned BMW. Therefore, while the new owner of a new BMW gets the hit of the initial depreciation, the owner of a used BMW gets no hit from the initial depreciation. In addition, used BMWs depreciate at a lower rate than new BMWs.

Certification and Warranties
Most car buyers think that pre – owned cars have no warranties and that they may have expensive repairs to make. However, this is not true because Beverly Hills Auto inspects all its used cars and gives them certification. Therefore, buyers purchasing certified pre – owned B M Ws from the company can rest assured that they are buying vehicles that have been rigorously inspected and certified. In view of this, the buyers of a used B M W get a deal that is as good as that of the buyers of a new BMW. In fact, the certifications and warranties are an indication that the pre – owned car is in good condition.

A Nicer Car for Less Money
This is perhaps the first reason why people consider purchasing a pre – owned BMW in the first place. Luxury vehicles have lots of amenities. They are filled with nice interior fixtures such as aluminum and soft-touch plastics or walnut wood trim. Their engines are also large, more powerful, and their styling is often better. As such, you get “more car” for less money because the luxury vehicles give a high-end experience at a much higher price when they are new. The price of a pre – owned BMW may be 40% lower than the original price of the same new model because of depreciation. As such, buyers of pre – owned BMWs get to enjoy a nice car with superior quality at a price that is lower than the price of a new one.

Advanced Safety Features at a Low Price
There are few cars that can match the quality of safety features that a used BMW can offer even when new. All vehicles have standard vital safety features such as rearview cameras, airbags, and seat belts. But pre-owned BMWs have more technologically advanced safety features, which may not be available in most new non-luxury entry-level vehicles. If the advanced safety features of the pre – owned BMW are well – maintained, the buyer of the used B M W gets to enjoy the same features as those in a new BMW, but at a low price. Therefore, the buyer gets a higher value for his/her money.

A Wide Variety to Select From
Sellers of used BMWs stock vehicle models from many years and they have a wide array of makes and models with different body styles and colors. As such, buyers of pre – owned vehicles can be sure to find a wide array of pre – owned BMWs from which they can make a choice that suits their style and budgetary needs. On the other hand, buyers of new BMWs may only have a limited selection of BMWs, perhaps from the latest makes or models. As such, they do not have much to choose from when compared to buyers of pre-owned BMWs.

If you are seeking for the best deals on used BMWs in New York, be smart and visit Beverly Hills Auto. You will find immaculate, reconditioned pre – owned BMWs for sale in Beverly Hills, and we will help you in making the right choice. In addition, we have a variety of lenders who can easily approve financial support requests. As such, you can be sure to not only get the best variety of vehicles, but you can also get financial support to purchase them.

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