2017’s Best New IoT Gadgets for Men, According to Jason Hope


Since the internet of things, or IoT, is a part of most people’s daily lives, gadgets that enhance it are growing in popularity. This year’s hottest new IoT gadgets for men range from devices that track how much you’ve had to drink to those that help you with fitness. Some come in the form of apps while others connect to separate gadgets to make them work better and to tailor them to meet your needs. Here is a list of 2017’s best new IoT gadgets for men.

Smart Athletic Shoes

The athletic wear company, Under Armour, recently introduced a new pair of smart running shoes, a set that features fitness tracker technology. While most fitness trackers operate from the wrist, the SpeedForm Gemini 2 athletic shoes have this type of tracking equipment in them. With these shoes on your feet, you’ll gain access to all the typical tracking features. This includes distance, time and even split times. Because Under Armour acquired MapMyFitness, the company is able to use the program to give you GPS data for your workouts. When it comes to recharging the gadget’s battery, the company has taken care of that. According to Under Armour, the smart technology’s battery is strong enough to outlive the practical life of the running shoes.

Smart Ice Cubes

If you tend to lose count of the number of drinks you enjoy, then smart ice cubes are a gadget that will come in handy. When smart ice cubes are in your drink, they’ll notify your friends, or a car service, if you become too drunk to drive yourself home safely. To inform you about the amount of liquor you’ve ingested, smart ice cubes change color. If you continue to drink past the color notification, the ice cubes will send an alert to a friend, or another designated person, letting them know that you need a safe ride home.

Appliance Controlling Apps

IoT gadgets extend to apps that control your home’s appliances. For instance, if you’re at work and a cold weather front suddenly arrives, you can turn the heat up before you return home. You can also set up this type of app to manage your air conditioner’s temperature as well as tell you the progress of your washer and dryer. Lamps, radios and Christmas lights can all be set up to turn on and off through smartphone apps. Home monitoring is another appliance controlling app option. With this app, you’ll be able to make sure that your home is safe and secure from any location. You can also arm it or disarm it remotely. If something triggers your home alarm, the app will contact you by text, cellphone or email.

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Smart Earbuds

According to some reports, Microsoft is developing earbuds that will play tunes based on how you’re feeling, your health and even what situation you’re in. To work, the gadget features a sensor that communicates with your smartphone through the device’s audio jack. This lets the earbuds monitor your heart rate and activity levels while you’re listening to music. The gadget sends the information to a remote server, which provides musical suggestions that are designed to maintain a target heart rate.

Smart Product Purchases

Order merchandise with just one click. With the Amazon Dash, you’ll have a physical button that connects to certain home products. For instance, if you use up your entire supply of laundry detergent, you can press your Amazon Dash button and the company will automatically send your favorite laundry soap to you, allowing you to avoid the multiple step process required to order it through the web. You can set up a button to reorder beverages and groceries like Red Bull energy drinks or Doritos as well as for household items like cat litter, toilet paper and even bubblegum.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

With the Smart Sprinkler Controller, you’ll have access to an IoT gadget that gives you control over when and how much you’re watering your home’s landscaping. It also tracks the weather to determine if you need to water, so when your area experiences a big rain storm, the controller will know that it needs to skip a watering day or two. The system also comes with a smartphone app. Use it to check your sprinkler system or make adjustments to it when you’re at work, at home or on vacation. It will even send you weather alerts, so you’ll know if sun or snow is headed your way. This type of gadget makes it easy to save money on your water bill while giving your exterior landscaping the proper amount of water.

Practical and Amazing

IoT gadgets are as helpful as they are amazing. Not only can you control your home’s appliances with the right app, but you can also manage your fitness levels by wearing smart shoes. This kind of technology makes your life easier and safer. It can work to improve your health and save you money on your energy bills. With technology experts like Jason Hope in the picture, the world is sure to see more of these handy gadgets.

Jason Hope: At the Forefront of Technology

Jason Hope's Best New IoT Gadgets for MenWith his intense interest in the latest advancements and an inclination to give back, Jason Hope is someone who may be responsible for the next best IoT product. During a recent interview, Jason Hope said, “You always have to keep your mind open and one eye focused on where technology is headed.” He went on to say, “My focus right now is on doing what I can to accelerate human intelligence using technology, which is why I dedicate my time to reading and sharing what I find on scientific, medical and technological advancements.”

Jason Hope is from Tempe, AZ. He attended Arizona State University where he earned his degree in finance. Jason also acquired an MBA from the college’s W.P. Carey School of Business. At the start of his career, Jason created Jawa, which is a mobile communications company. Today, he is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and an investor.



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