Alibaba’s Car Sale App Brings Incredible Innovations


Buying a car used to be fairly simple. The future landscape of vehicle buying just may become even simpler. Instead of walking onto a dealership lot and checking out the cars, buyers could simply make a purchase no different than buying peanuts from a vending machine. And “no different” can be taken literally. Alibaba has crafted a gigantic vending machine designed to house cars. Potential buyers can pick up their cars just like they would the aforementioned bag of peanuts. Well, things might not be as easy putting a few coins into a vending machine slot but the steps won’t exactly be too much different.

Vehicles for sale would be housed in a giant, futuristic building. The buildings replace the traditional version of a dealership lot. The vehicles inside the building might even be safer since they won’t be exposed to the element or potential vandalism. For the would-be buyer, simply heading to the building to pick up a car for a test drive may be more pleasurable than dealing with a sales rep. Thanks to advanced technology, all this is possible and may become standard operating procedure in the new and used car market soon.

Alibaba’s Taobao app helps facilitate this new process. The app allows for choosing a particular car that meets the customer’s preferences. The customer then takes a selfie photo and heads over to the location of the “vending machine” building. The selfie is used to match the customer with the desired selection. If available, the car would be released for a test drive.

Saying technology makes life a lot easier consistently turns out to be a huge understatement. The growth of technology into various different aspects of commerce still surprises people. The arrival of Alibaba’s new app and corresponding car sales/test drive building reveals innovations show no limits.

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