Olympian Breaks Ancient Record


Michael Phelps

Negative to Positive

From two DUIs to admitting a picture of him in 2009 smoking a bong being authentic to breaking an ancient 2000 year old record. This Olympian has been on a roller coaster during the last couple of years losing some sponsorship along the way. I am talking about the swimming superman Michael Phelps. At 31 years old he has done what no other man has done in exactly 2168 years. He might go down in history as the most decorated Olympian of all time.

Ancient Record

Leonidas of Rhodes (Not King Leonidas the Spartan) was one of the most famous Olympian runners. He competed in the Olympian games over 2000 years ago and won 12 Olympic crowns which is the equivalents of today’s gold medals. He won the last gold medals in 164 BCE at the age of 36 competing on the hoplitodromos, the diaulos and the stadion (Running events). Leonidas had previously won gold medals on the same events during the previous 3 Olympic games from 152 BCE to 160 BCE. All of these events required not only speed as a runner but also strength. Ancient Olympic events involved carrying heavy objects such as shields.

The Unthinkable

As of this past Thursday, Michael Phelps has won his 22nd Gold Medal and 13th individual gold medal. He has broken the previous ancient record of 12 established by Leonidas of Rhodes. This achievement has created an uproar of headlines of every single major newspaper. You can’t miss it. Phelps has currently 4 gold medals and will most likely end up with a total of 5. He has already announced that at the age of 31 he will not be coming back for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. He is happy with what he has accomplished and is ready to retire. Michael has been wanting to spend time with his baby soon Boomer and fiance Nicole.

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Anyone hear about how many condoms they are giving out in the Olympic village? Now thats the record I am impressed with.


I also heard Phelps eats like 12,000 calories a day. That alone is worth a Gold Medal


This guy will go down in american history


This guy is a beast. Just won his 5th gold medal


A friend told me this story recently and I called bullshit….they tracked the Olympics this far back? I can’t believe it.


Man Michael Phelps is an american hero to me


I think multiple swimming events should be coupled as one event and not individual. Freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, etc. sort of like the decathlon. Cause one guy who is a fast swimmer can dominate in multiple aspects of swimming like Phelps has. Why give him 10 medals in multiple events when u can just give one and call it a day. Phelps is the best swimmer in the world for now.