The Chicago Bears Turn to Rookie QB for Historic NFL Debut


The story of the Chicago bears (1 – 3) over the first month of a season could be summarized as such: messy. After a bizarre off-season that saw Chicago offload their major veteran talent, Alshon Jeffery and Jay Cutler, the Bears seemed to move full tilt toward rebuild. Chicago overpaid for mediocre QB Mike Glennon before buying high to draft QB Mitchell Trubiski at the #2 spot in the NFL Draft. Still, Chicago gave Glennon the chance to steal the show and through the first month he was single-handedly the worst starting quarterback in the NFL. Now Chicago is ready to move on and look to the future. Rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky will be making his NFL Debut on Monday Night Football against the Minnesota Vikings. Trubisky joins only four other rookies to ever broach the feat.

Mitchell Trubisky comes into this game as one of the biggest mysteries in the NFL. Trubiski showcased during the NFL pre-season that he is capable of making every throw while working in the pocket. Trubisky passed the eye test immediately but pundits and analysts are still looking back to his limited time at college as a big negative. Trubisky started just 13 games in college before electing to go into the NFL draft. Trubisky’s inexperience is going to lead to an interesting approach by HC John Fox in terms of the gameplan. Trubisky said in his first press conference, “We’ll have a certain game plan for that going into the week.”

The Minnesota vikings are enduring their own tumult during the young season as star QB Sam Bradford continues to struggle with a knee injury while star running back Dalvin Cook was just lost for the entire season with a devastating knee injury. Still, Minnesota is showcasing one of the truly elite defenses in the NFL and they’ll be looking with wide eyes at a rookie QB with minimal experience taking their field. Trubisky said of the challenge, “They’re going to bring us a bunch of different looks.” Trubisky didn’t seem phased by the pressure opting to say, “So we need to come in, do what we do well and stay within ourselves” before admitting that he thinks they’ll “have a chance” to take out the Vikings. While Chicago and Minnesota both are likely to finish below Green Bay in the NFC North, they’ll still post vicious rivalry match ups which makes for an alluring Monday Night game.



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