Royston Charles Lunn dies at the Age of 92


For those of us who love cars, we might know Roy Lunn. Well, her daughter announced that he had passed away at the age of 92 in Santa Barbara, California. Roy Lunn is a celebrated engineer who worked for Ford where he was responsible for the design of various makes. He will be remembered for paving the way for the SUV. Also, he played an important part in the design of Ford GT40 and the Mustang. His daughter announced that Roy Lunn had died of stroke-related complications. Most notably, Roy Lunn will be remembered as the winner of endurance sports-car racing crown for four times. He is credited with Ford’s bragging rights as the sports-car producer. Roy Lunn studied aeronautical engineering at the university. This might be the reason why people joked that he designed cars that could fly. His illustrious career saw him specialize with both highway cars and race cars. At age 14, Roy Lunn worked as a machinist. However, he went on to become one of the celebrated car designer and engineer. Perhaps his most notable creation is the Jeep Cherokee of 1983. He was able to design an integrated bodywork and chassis for the vehicle, making it suitable for sports and family.

He also pioneered the mass production of the American Motor Eagles in 1979. Later on, he designed Cardinal, making it the first front wheel drive by Ford. This vehicle led to the development of Taurus after undergoing reintroduction in Germany. His legacy would not be complete without the Mustang 1. He designed this car in 1961, and it had an engine between the rear axles and front axles. The Mustang was a four-cylinder vehicle that only carried two people. Moreover, it was made of Aluminum. Back then, it used to be referred to as the pony car, and it was very popular with sports. Talking to Hemmings Classic, he described the Mustang as the car that people wanted yet didn’t buy. He associated this with the car being a two-seater. Figuring that people wanted a sports car that could carry more than four people, Roy Lunn pioneered the mass production of Mustang. Roy Lunn was born Royston Charles Lunn in Richmond, London. He joined the Royal Air Forces at the age of 18 where he was involved in the design of the turbojet engine. Roy Lunn went to Kingston Technical College where he specialized in mechanical and aeronautic engineering.

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