Cheat Meals and Days Have Their Drawbacks


Eating healthy all the time can be difficult if not impossible. The occasional bad lunch or dinner might not have too much of an impact. Men who strive to eat better only to slip into previous poor eating habits do themselves a great disservice. A desirable lean physique will always remain elusive with an inconsistent diet. Maintaining looks may be the least worrisome drawback to cheating on good diet plans. Poor diets almost universally lead to health concerns.

Among the most common of poor diet choices would be simply eating way too much. The love of good food drives many men to gorge themselves on high-calories means. This is a bad plan.

Overeating can cause troubles for those who want to stay lean, fit, and healthy. Even overeating with the right foods could potentially cause problems. Overeating on the weekend and then going back to five clean days may seem like a good idea, but it isn’t. The body pays the price for excess consumption.

Overeating combined with inactivity dramatically increases the risk of diabetes. A study shows that a consumption of 6,000 calories or more per day combined with a lack of activity leads to insulin resistance.

Eating 6,000 calories daily for a week doesn’t necessarily require eating a tremendous amount of food. Two donuts for breakfast won’t fill many people up and can come with 700 calories or more. Lunch at a fast food restaurant may lead to another 1,500 calories or more. Often, high-calorie foods with low nutritional value aren’t very filling. These means eating more and more, which is not a good plan health-wise.

Anyone on the path to better eating and a healthier lifestyle should avoid cheat days. Eating unhealthy food serves no purpose and can undermine the benefits of the days when eating properly.






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