Man Attacked by Alligator at Charlotte County Golf Course


Do you ever wonder what happens to all of those golf balls that are shanked into the water hazard? Well, guys like Scott Lahodik have made a great career by diving in and grabbing those golf balls. However, these water hazards are not just hazardous for golfers but for anyone who ventures close to the water’s edge. When Lahodik decided to dive in for what is a routine golf ball retrieval, he was not expecting to run into a 10-foot alligator. This alligator quickly latched onto his arm and would not let go. Luckily, Lahodik was able to punch the alligator in the face and narrowly escape.

When officials arrived, they were surprised to see an alligator this big. It isn’t very often when you see a 500-pound alligator hanging out in a golf course water hazard pond. Local residents who live on the golf course are now concerned about visiting the golf course with their children. There is even the possibility of these alligators leaving the water hazards and venturing into the backyards of the residents living on the golf course. This could pose a problem for small pets or children playing in the backyard.

It has always been known for golfers on a golf course to respect the wildlife that calls this sporting ground their home. If you shank your ball into the water hazard, it is never a good idea to hop in and try to retrieve it. Even when there are trained professionals like Lahodik, things can go very wrong.

Lahodik just recently underwent surgery to repair his damaged left arm. Doctors are confident that he will make a full recovery in due time. This story shows us just how careful you have to be on a golf course. Alligators aren’t just the fictional antagonists from golf movies like Happy Gilmore. You need to be very attentive to the wildlife on a golf course like alligators, rattlesnakes, and other dangerous creatures.

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