The 4 easiest “mancave-friendly” cheese snacks you will ever make.


You do not have to leave your mancave to try new and amazing cheese recipes that you can make on your own. These snacks run an approximate $7 dollars per recipe, and make over 2 dozen units each.

Waffle Iron Fried Cheese
Materials needed:
Waffle iron
Paprika, cayenne pepper
2 eggs
bread crumbs
½ pound low moisture mozzarella (or any other cheese that melts).

• Coat and pre-heat the waffle iron; set to medium
• Mix the eggs, set the crumbs to the side. Season the crumbs with spices
• Slice the cheese and dip it in egg, then cover in crumbs.
• Put the dipped pieces of cheese on the waffle iron, press it down, and let the crumbs seal in the cheese. Serve with salsa, ranch dip, or marinara.

4-step cheese straws
Cheese straws are fancy, delicious, protein-packed but also very expensive. Plus, not many come in a bag. Surprise everyone with your amazing culinary skills in just four easy steps.

1 package shredded sharp Cheddar cheese (16oz)
1 ¼ c soft butter
3 c flour (all purpose)
salt and cayenne pepper to taste.
Mix everything. If you want to go extra fancy, push the mix into a cookie press that has a star tip. Otherwise, shape them up on your own.

Put the shapes on an ungreased baking sheet. Bake for 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees. Always check for the edges of the cheese straw. If it starts browning too soon, drop the temperature or take them out before the 12-minute mark.

Lazy Cheese Dip
This is another “mancave-friendly”version of the recipe for everyone to enjoy. It serves 8 people, or one very hungry individual.

Butter (2 tablespoons)
Pack of 16oz velveeta cheese in cubes
1 cup of milk, preferably full fat. If you got the 2% stuff, then add one more pat of butter

Optional seasonings, depending on your taste:
1. Scallions
2. Chopped peppers
3. Chopped tomatoes
4. Chopped jalapenos
5. Sriracha sauce
6. Garlic powder

There are plenty of microwavable bowls that will let you mix everything and put it together. However, to infuse the flavors, use a boiler and approach the stove with care.

• Melt the butter in the boiling pot, add scallions (the white part, not the green part)
• Once cooked, add the milk, Velveeta, and whatever seasonings you choose from the list.
• IMPORTANT: Must cook on low and must whisk the whole time until it starts to thicken.
• Mix more extras, and continue the same process for about 5 more minutes.
• Transfer the queso to a warmer or to a microwaveable container with lid, so that you can store it.
• Eat it ASAP with chips

Baked Brie
This seemingly fancy recipe is actually the easiest recipe of all. You only need three things:

1. A round of brie cheese (gourmet cheese section at the supermarket)
2. A tube of ready-made biscuits (Pillsbury’s are the most popular ones)
3. Your favorite sweet preserves. Preferably peach, or apricot because they are the sweetest ones.

• Take out the dough from the tube. Knead it together into one big slice.
• Spread the preserves over the dough. Spread evenly
• Put the round of cheese right in the middle of the slice of dough you just prepared
• Using the edges of the slice, start wrapping the round of cheese with the dough
• Make it look like a wrapped gift…or something tantamount to that

Start at 350 for 10 minutes and check on the inside by sticking a fork or knife to the middle of the wrapped round. Once the dough is cooked, take out, slice and see the cheese ooze out. You can eat this with fruit, on its own, with bread, or as a topper for other foods such as sausages or ham.

Have fun at it, and try these easy recipes today. It is never too late to learn something cheesy and new!


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