Man Finds Strength In Drinking Urine


No matter how tough you think that you are, nothing can prepare you for being stranded in the wilderness or an open desert setting for long periods of time. Mick Ohman discovered just how much strength he has when he was faced with being stranded in a desert. He was going home from a trip that he had recently taken and thought that it would be like any other day. He was soon in the middle of a hot Arizona desert in the middle of summer. Mick had to do anything he could in order to survive until help arrived.

Mick decided to use his navigation system in his vehicle so that he wouldn’t have to endure traveling on a busy highway. The system directed him to go down a back road that ended up in the middle of a desert. The road was so rough and rocky that Mick’s car wasn’t able to handle the force of the rocks and bumps, and it ended up breaking down. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any kind of signal for him to use his phone. He did have a small box with a few crackers, water and two beers of all things.

After two days had passed, Mick had already consumed the sandwich that he had and the crackers. He had also consumed the water that he had. One way that he was able to quench his thirst and to stay hydrated was to drink his urine. Mick told reporters that his throat felt like it was stuck together. He soon started to record messages for his family to read because he didn’t think that he would survive. On the third day, Mick saw a dirt bike rider and was able to get his attention. The rider got Mick to safety. This is a lesson about being prepared while you’re in the vehicle in case you break down with no cell service or any way to get help.

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