Beer For Everyone In Philadelphia?


You will not believe your ears when you hear the incredible promise that Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson just made. He says that if his Eagles win the Super Bowl this year, he will buy everyone in the city of Philadelphia of legal drinking age a beer.

Johnson has said that he feels that there is a lot on the table for him to prove to the fans. He wanted to make this splashy statement to get their attention, and perhaps to get their hopes up a little bit about how the Eagles may fare this season. He knows that some of the most loyal Eagles fans have had to wade through some rough seasons in recent years just waiting for their guys to get back to their winning ways.

Lane Johnson has already been in the headlines previously, but for all the wrong reasons. He violated the league’s rules against performance enhancing drugs not once but twice. Getting caught this second time meant that he had to sit out for ten games last season. Of course, that is bulk of the season, so his efforts were not able to be realized for the team. He has apologized for the incident and wants to redeem himself with the fans. states that this right tackle has stated in public that he no longer uses the banned drugs that he was using. Instead, he says that he is focusing on a very restrictive diet to get him to the ideal weight that he wants to weigh in order to be at peak performance.

The Eagles would like to see a lot more production out of their right tackle. He was the number four overall pick in the 2013 draft, and he just got a six-year extension on his contract worth $66 million as of last year. With that much money going out, they are hoping that he will stay on the straight and narrow so he can remain out on the field.

The promise for free beer for everyone may be taken as something of a joke as that would be rather costly. Then again, Johnson does have to do something to earn back the respect of the fans. In all likelihood, he will not have to honor the deal anyway as the Eagles are not on most radars as serious contenders for the Super Bowl. Still though, you never know what may happen on any given Sunday.


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