You Can Purchase Tickets for the Great American Beer Festival Wednesday



October 5th is the start of the three day festival anticipated by drinking fans around the county, the Great American Beer Festival. Starting Wednesday, you can finally buy tickets.

As The Denver Channel explains, August 2nd will be the first day available for the general public to buy tickets to this event. Tuesday marked the day pre-sale tickets were available exclusively for the American Homebrewers Association and the Brewers Association members.

At 10:00 AM Wednesday, the tickets will finally become available for sale. Interested parties are encouraged to buy quickly, as last year’s tickets were entirely sold out within two hours of the starting time.

The Great American Beer Festival first began in 1982, the idea coming from nuclear engineer Charlie Papazian. It has steadily grown in size over the years, with participation numbering at well over 700 breweries to make it the largest ticketed beer event in the United States.

The festival is home to the largest collection of beers available for public tasting. There is also a competition between breweries every year, awarding bronze, silver, and gold medals for the best beers in 96 different categories.

In addition to the experience of meeting other beer enthusiasts from all over the United States, there are many perks to attending the festival. All tickets come with a commemorative cup and unlimited 1-ounce samples of over 3,500 beers available at the event. Several ticket options exist, as well, including those for designated drivers who have the opportunity to sample craft brewed non-alcoholic beverages.

The festival will held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver beginning on October 5th at 5:30 PM, lasting until October 7th at 10:00 PM. If you’d like more information, just visit the official website at for event listings, tickets, a list of sponsors, and an FAQ.



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