Glen Wakeman’s Key Steps in Starting a Successful Business



Glen Wakeman is known all over the world and has written several publications on business topics and consulting. In fact, his business is helping people realize their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. He co-founded his company LaunchPad Holdings, L.L.C. as a vehicle for providing people with software that was developed for the purpose of starting a new business. How to begin a new entrepreneurial pursuit has been such a pervasive question that a company like LaunchPad Holdings is sorely needed in the entrepreneurial industry.


One of this company’s offerings is SAAS, software as a service. The purpose of this product is to introduce new entrepreneurs to the business of starting a business with regard to financial planning, internal controls, and digital marketing.


Consumers of LaunchPad Holdings’ products receive assistance planning their business strategies with specialty software products that have the benefit of Glen Wakeman’s expertise (Crunchbase). He infuses his experiences in the business world into his company, and this is what guides the company’s objectives. For example, Glen Wakeman has a precise style that he uses to present new ideas, and he pays particular attention to the reaction these ideas get. Following this method compels him to exercise an extreme commitment to the process, but it also requires him to be honest with himself and have fun at the same time.


Glen Wakeman has several personal experiences that he uses for the benefit of his company, but he also uses the observations he has stored in his brain over the years, and he has many of them. He held leadership positions in several important companies throughout the world, and he was the reason that these companies were able to be transformed into something entirely different ( He learned how to teach smaller companies how to operate effectively directly from his days with large corporations such as this one.


Glen Wakeman and his company are dedicated to cultivating businesses and increasing the progress rates of these enterprises, and the ways in which he does this are clearly written out and examined from time to time for the purpose of improving them. Part of this strategy includes his work as a coach for other Chief Executive Officers. He has also become a member of various boards so that he can ensure that the companies continue to comply with the improvements that he has made. His vision is to transform a non-compliant, ineffective, non-performing company into one that is compliant, effective and performing well with his methods. Because of his vast amounts of experience, he has the formula to realize his goals.

Glen Wakeman takes the time to measure a company’s performance, and he has outlined five distinct areas that help him visualize the company’s issues clearly:


  1. Glen Wakeman believes that an organization does not have a chance to change for the better if leadership development does not occur first. That’s why the first thing that he does is turn the leadership into a team that can walk the entire enterprise through its transformation. He has found that the employees of these companies are resistant to changes even though they are very good for the company. With Glen standing by while the transition is taking place, changes have the opportunity to occur effortlessly.


  1. Glen Wakeman realized that he needed to discover a new path toward bringing his vision and the strategy for making the vision a reality together. He has the gift of expressing his ideas in a manner that is easily understood, and this makes it possible for everyone to follow his directions in the most energetic manner possible.


  1. A company may have great ideas, but these ideas fall flat when the executives try to implement them. To combat this reality, Glen Wakeman created new ways of executing a good plan to ensure that the new ideas will actually become a reality.


  1. Some employees see re-structuring as a threat to their existences even if the changes that are being made are good for the company. Glen Wakeman ensures that the process is not disrupted because of this fear by enacting his own risk management formula.


  1. After the company has made the necessary changes, the company undergoes an internal transition period. This is when people voice their opposition to the changes that have been made, but Glen Wakeman has created new corporate governance procedures that control resistance and shine a light on areas that require improvement.

About Glen Wakeman


Glen Wakeman learned that many new businesses fail, and he wanted to know why. He thought that these new entrepreneurs had very good ideas, but he discovered that these ideas did not have a workable structure around them. What these companies needed was a plan. So, Glen co-founded LaunchPad Holdings, L.L.C. to create the software that would make it possible for entrepreneurs to develop a plan for their new businesses.


As was mentioned above, Glen Wakeman has extensive experience in the business world. He spent 21 years with General Electric Capital where he took on a succession of roles with ever-increasing responsibilities within the company. In his last position with GE, Glen was CEO of General Electric Latin America. He was at the head of starting a nine-country operation from the ground up that gained more than $12 billion in assets, 17,000 employees and $100 million in annual revenue.


Glen Wakeman is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

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