XBOX Project Scorpio – Making Console History This Year


The Long Wait Is Over

Microsoft is planning to change console gaming as we know it with the release of XBOX Project Scorpio. Often times gamers turn to PC gaming although more expensive for better frames, performance, and graphics. We have been hearing rumors of this “super powerful gaming console” for years with a tease here and there. But not only have these rumors been confirmed to be true, Scorpio is being announced and released this year. Microsoft has announced that they will be holding a briefing on Sunday, June 11 at 2 pm PT to confirm details. Scorpio is to be fully unveiled at E3 2017 (June 13-15). Although not confirmed yet the release window is to be around this year’s holiday season. This is a major step forward for console gaming and the specs we know so far do not disappoint. Take a look.

What We Know So Far

Impressive console specs are what we should expect from XBOX Scorpio. Microsoft will be pushing the boundaries like never before in order to keep up with emerging TV, gaming accessories, and computer hardware technology. Here are the specs we know so far:

  • 8 CPU cores
  • 6 Teraflop GPU
  • 320GB/s of memory bandwidth
  • True 4K support
  • Full VR support
  • Xbox One games and accessories compatible with Project Scorpio

Taking into consideration that the current XBOX One S has a 1.4 Teraflop GPU and 219 GB/s of memory bandwidth, this is a major leap forward. The competition PS4 Pro which was released November 10th, 2016 has a 4.2 Teraflop GPU and 218 GB/s memory bandwidth. We are still pending confirmation of other major specs which will let us know how far Microsoft is pushing the boundaries of console gaming. One thing we can already confirm is that this is the most powerful gaming console ever built.

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its not a PC


I’m telling you right now everyone is selling or trading in their XBOX One S and jumping on Scorpio


I’m really looking forward to this being released


Long overdue….Microsoft should have jumped into super consoles a while ago


This might just be the console that brings me back to console gaming. I mean this was long overdue. Consoles are falling really behind on hardware and graphics.


I have high hopes for this console. We shall see